Your Energy Type and Astrological Sign: Are They Connected?

I often get asked this question:

Are my Energy Type and astrological sign connected?”

The answer is yes…and no. But first, let’s go over why people think they’re connected in the first place.

Same 4 elements, but 2 different systems

First, let’s do a quick recap of the 4 Types in Energy Profiling and the 4 elements they’re associated with:

  • TYPE 1 EnergySM expresses with the element of Air.
  • TYPE 2 EnergySM expresses with the element of Water.
  • TYPE 3 EnergySM expresses with the element of Fire.
  • TYPE 4 EnergySM expresses with the element of Earth.

Energy Profiling looks at the general picture of who we are. It’s about each person’s expression of movement. You can see the 4 Types of movement in human nature as well as in the animal kingdom and the natural world.

In Western astrology, the 12 signs of the zodiac are each classified into one of the same four primary elements:

  • Air Signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
  • Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus,  Virgo

(Note: Chinese astrology has 12 signs, but it’s based on 5 different elements.)

Where the confusion comes in

Because Energy Profiling and Western astrology share a basic foundation of the same primary four elements, many people make the common mistake that the two systems can be directly connected.

But sharing 4 elements is as far as the connection goes.

I do believe everything is connected in a general sense. But in a specific sense, it doesn’t work out because different systems can’t be overlaid on one another.

For example, a not all TYPE 1 people are born under Air signs. A person can be born at any time of the year, and their astrological sign will match their birth date, not necessarily their Energy Type.

For me personally, I lead with dominant TYPE 3 Energy (fire), but my astrological sign is Capricorn (earth sign).

So what’s in your soup?

The analogy I like to use when explaining this is a pot of soup.

Energy Profiling is the general expression of who we are. It’s like soup. You know what soup is—it’s a liquid type of food.

But there are many different kinds of soup! A lot of different ingredients can go into soups. That’s where astrology and other tools come into play.

Astrology looks at the intricate design of us. It can add more detail and ingredients to the picture of you.

This may help us understand why not all people of the same Energy Type are alike.

We each have our own individual expression, even if we share the same general expression. 

Does astrology have a place?

I want to be clear that I do not follow the pop culture horoscopes that use astrology for entertainment purposes. Those are not meant to be a compass for your life

I don’t use any of that because I personally don’t want to align with something superficial. I don’t want to give my power to that and align my will to something of that nature.

But I have looked into more balanced systems of astrology to look at how the planetary systems affect my personal energetic playbook for the year, or for a season.

If astrology is of interest to you, here are 4 questions to ask yourself when researching information:

  • Consider your sources. Are they valid, grounded?
  • What’s the practical use of it?
  • Does is really make a difference in my life to help me understand myself more fully?
  • Does it help me live my life with more truth and authenticity?

And if you want to go deeper with this, one of the more balanced systems my husband and I have looked into is the Human Design system, which factors in astrology and other aspects into the mix. With this tool, I’ve learned some things about myself that have been supportive.

 Find out which of the 4 Types you lead with.

Learn your Energy Type online for free! You’ll see yourself—and the world around you—in a whole new light.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Niloo

    GREAT post Carol! I totally agree with you about not following pop astrology and I love the questions you ask at the end. I used to be really frightened by various horoscopes or tarot readings or whatever other spiritual tools…but I’ve learned over time to let go of the things that aren’t helpful and that add fear instead of love. Thanks for your awesome work!:)

  • Amy Pearce

    I have to agree that people of the same sign can be different types. My childhood friend, Lydia, and I were born on December 3. According to Western astrology, we both fall under the sign of Sagittarius. According to this system, we should be exactly the same, but that is so far from the truth. I am a T1, and she is so obviously a T3. She has the classic T3 smile and exotic look. She is a go-getter, a leader, and gets things done. I have T1 and T2 facial features. I am random, bubbly, and don’t always finish things. We are good friends but about as different as two people can be. This is why energy profiling is so amazing. People born on the same day, and even the same year sometimes, can be completely different, and it is okay. I used to think I needed to be like the December 3rd Sagittarius was supposed to be, and I would get frustrated when I couldn’t be like that. But now I know I can just be me, Amy, a Type One with a Secondary 2. And that is wonderful!

    • GiftedWithADD

      According to Western astrology you wouldn’t be the same. Traditional astrology (not the horoscope stuff) takes into account time of birth, day of the week, place of birth.

    • GiftedWithADD

      According to Western astrology you wouldn’t be the same. Traditional astrology (not the horoscope stuff) takes into account time of birth, day of the week, place of birth.

  • LM

    Thank you for distinguishing between the superficial and what is balanced, yet still asking open-minded questions. I agree with not using “superficial” resources, but I still don´t like when these are criticized as a general stereotype, like “all astrology is against the Bible”. Your 4 questions and article help a person take a decision based on their own personal faith and accountability, instead of using a stereotype or fear as a form of passive denial.

  • Colleen O’Connell

    Thank you for the great list of questions. I have also enjoyed studying astrology for some great insights that have helped me better understand myself, my journey, and be sensitive to that of others. It’s interesting that you mention Human Design, as that has been another good support to my self-awareness. I appreciate these tools that can really help us recognize our tendencies, strengths, and challenges so we can grow in mindfulness. Energy profiling has influenced every aspect of my life, and for this knowledge I am deeply grateful.

  • T3 Girl

    Oh my goodness. A couple weeks ago I was introduced to The Human Design and was instantly intrigued, searching online about it and decided to buy a book on it but couldn’t justify the price that was being asked. I prayed about and found a copy of a book that, every where else was more expensive, for $3. I’m waiting for it in the mail and have been praying more about it this last week and to see if it’s what I should learn more about. And then I hop over here and YOU’VE posted something about it and my heart stopped. Thank you. I feel this is another answer to my prayers at this time.

  • Carol Boyer

    Carol-I am LOVING DYT! Thanks SO much for the reference to Human Design! I immediately went to the site and did the free chart…then bought the report…then immediately ordered the book! This hits me right in my gut and I can hardly wait for the book to arrive. Synthesis of multiple streams of input seems to be the theme for me this month and the synthesis of the chakra model, numerology, astrology and kabbalah is fascinating. You are are an amazing source of knowledge!

  • Tricia Swenson

    That was interesting. Good analogy with the soup. I do find truth in some astrological data, but like you said, not so much in the magazine/newspaper horoscopes. I’ve looked a lot into Human Design as well and studied my chart as well as those in my family. Pretty interesting stuff. I also like “The Secret Language of Birthdays” and other books by the same author. I have found a lot of truth in what they say about many of the birthdays of those I know. It has helped me understand why, being a type 3 I can sometimes be an “all or nothing” person- even though that has been deemed as a type 4 trait. Its not the type 4 side of me, its just specifically how I go about life- not black/white but more like- “If I’m gonna do it, then I give it my all for as long as I can” if not then I won’t even lift a finger.

  • Julie

    Carol, I am new to your blog, but must say I find it very informative & exceedingly easy for the lay person to understand. Being a clairvoyant medium who has worked professionally & taught chakra meditation myself, I just want to say keep up the great work. Julie

    • Carol Tuttle

      Thank you!

  • Melanie Snyder

    I’ve been studying astrology since I was a kid, I just find it interesting. I think I’m a 4/1 but I’m also a Pisces. I find it rather interesting to look at my zodiac sign through the eyes of DYT. From the outside, I know I come across as tranquil and often ice cold, true to my type 4 nature, but on the inside I often feel like the grand rapids. Pisces are a dual sign so I suppose it makes sense for me to struggle more with my different energy types which are about as opposite as one can get!

  • A.m. Suchy

    Hi Carol, both systems mirror each other accurately to determine type when you examine the specifics of the whole birth chart rather than the sun sign alone. I am a Type 4 who has always been drawn to Type 1 and felt inadequate in that I was not fun and spontaneous enough. I am also an Astrologer who erects birth charts. My sun is in Gemini/Air and I also have three planets and North Node in Gemini/Air. However my Rising Sign which represents physical features and expression is in Capricorn/Earth and my Moon with represents my feeling instinct and needs is in Virgo/Earth along with three other planets in Virgo/Earth. There is more to it but basically, an astrologer counts the overall components in each element to pick a dominant element–and the Rising Sign is the most important point in the horoscope for facial features and approach to life. Not the Sun sign, unless the Sun is in the first house with the Rising Sign. Anyone can go to a professional astrologer or get their horoscope free online to confirm the weight and dominance of each type. I hope this information helps. I love your system and hope you explore the tie-in to astrology some more. Astrology is an exact, precise science not well represented by newspaper “sun sign” pseudo-astrology.

    • Kristin

      I’m a Type 1 and my rising sign is in Libra, so that fits with what you’re saying. I know of other people in my life whose rising signs do not fit their type though. Also, I have a predominance of fire in my signs, whereas Type 3 is my last type. I have very little of it. I’m not a 1/4 either, who can seem like a Type 3.

    • Kristin

      I have just barely more fire than my air, but then my earth and water are equal to the air. However, my air signs
      might have more weight: my rising sign and moon are among them. My sun sign is in Aries, which is fire obviously, but it’s the beginning of the zodiac and therefore youthful and likes to begin things which is very Type 1. It’s all interesting.

  • Mandy

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing! I suppose I’m one of those conundrum’s whose leading types line up with my astrological signs. I’m a 3/4 and an Aug/Sept cusp which makes my astrological signs leo (type 3) and virgo (type 4) line up with each other! Not that that has any significance. 😉

  • OhTheIrony

    Hmm… This is interesting. I’ve just begun studying astrology for personality purposes. I am Capricorn rising as well and I’m having difficulty figuring out if I am 2 or 4. I don’t think it’s an issue of wanting to be one and actually being the other. I think I’m just close and I can’t figure out which is dominant. I’ve never related well to my Aries sun sign except that I’m stubborn. I have an Aquarius moon – I relate to that part well. When I look at my houses four of them are earth signs, four are water signs, two are air signs, and two are fire signs. I suppose I’ll have to have a better understanding of astrology before I see if it makes sense once I figure out my energy type. I don’t like trying to research two theories at once, and I need to understand it from the core before it really makes sense to me. There’s *so* much going on at once with astrology that it’s hard to get to the root of it all. Well, this is all very interesting.

  • RadiantLux

    I am a Virgo, which is supposed to be kind of Type 4 with the analyzing and perfectionism. I also work in information technology and am well regarded for my technical skills. It’s a very complicated job which quite often requires me to sit still and concentrate. There is also a lot of multi-tasking. I can get very detailed. I thought I was a type 2 due to my, ahem, roundness and long curly hair. When going through all the DYT materials, I felt most comfortable as a Type 1. Just look at my user name! RadiantLux. Even though I was already pretty convinced, some of the “distracted” descriptions of Type 1 threw me off. In many ways I’m a very serious person. I am also warm, welcoming, enthusiastic and funny.
    I purchased the $13 Human Design report for my chart. It was really interesting. It says my mind and heart centers are WIDE OPEN. It really reinforced a lot of things I had been noticing but had not put words to yet.

  • Sal

    I have read a lot about star signs. I am a virgo and the element of virgo is earth (to be honest when I saw that my element was earth I was dissapointed. I was like “Aww! I want to be fire! Earth is my least favourite element!”). When I started watching the online video course, I expected to be a Type 4, but Type 3 resonated with me more (especially body language). So I had a theory that the star sign could either be your primary or secondary. In my case, 3/4. Then my family learnt about raising (ascending) signs and mine was Leo (fire sign). So that confirmed it to me even more. Some time later, I watched a video where Carol was asked about that and most of the people’s comments confirmed that to me. So I got curious to know what Carol’s star sign is, which is Capricorn (earth sign), which is her secondary. To me that was proof.

    I don’t believe in horoscopes, but I do believe that there is truth to the star signs. People of the same star sign share similarities. When I read about virgos it was like reading about myself. It described me so well. “That is me!”

    I will mention that I later started noticing a lot of Type 1 tendencies in me, which really confused me. I started doubting if I really was a Type 3 or maybe 1/4 4/1 combo, if i was 3/1 1/3 or 3/4 4/3. But I always go back to Carol saying that your physical features and body language are the most telling and there is no doubt that my body language is T3. Though I’m not sure of my secondary yet, I will follow Carol’s advice to first know my dominant, dress it, live it and my secondary will reveal itself to me.Thank you so much Carol! You really are awesome! Love you!

  • LYT_Support

    Hi Catherine,
    Thank you for your question. Human Design has many components, but is based on birth date. Since Energy Profiling is solely based on energy, they do not have a direct correspondence.

  • GiftedWithADD

    Traditional astrology is grounded in science

  • GiftedWithADD

    Traditional astrology is grounded in science