What Does Your Closet Say About You? Peek Into Megan's Closet!

It’s been so fun to peek inside so many closets lately. And here we are at closet #4.

Type 4 movement in my Beauty Profiling system is all about balance and symmetry. Megan—one of our bold, striking, Type 4 friends—will show you what that looks like in her closet.

She’ll show you how she organizes different kinds of clothing, why she keeps certain clothes in separate spaces, and how she keeps track of her accessories.

(To hear the next level of organization, listen to how our shipping manager, Eimile, organizes.)

I really love the tip for Type 4’s that Megan and I share at the end of the video. It will help you honor your gifts and make more efficient choices on where to spend your time and energy.

So watch the video and take a peek in Megan’s closet…

Does your closet look like Megan’s does? What do you do differently? Share a comment!

Like we said in the video, Megan’s so organized. But she’s just living true to her natural movement. She doesn’t force herself to organize this way. Other Types might feel totally overwhelmed if they tried to—especially you Type 1’s and Type 3’s.

So live true to YOU and your nature (even when you organize your closet) and you’ll be happier.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Pat

    Amazing! I’m a type 1, but my closet is organized like a type 4. I’ve been trying to figure out what my secondary type is, and the more I consider it, many things are are pointing me to type 4. Thank you for the insights these blogs are giving!

  • http://ChakraHealing Donna-Lynn

    I absolutely identify with Megan and how she automatically sets up her closet. I do the same & it is instinctive & easy & feels good! Have not done the “typing” yet but I am getting more curious to know what my secondary could be.

    Thanks for sharing, Megan.


  • Cindy

    I am a type 4, & when I used to put my clothes in a closet, they were organized not only by type of clothing, but also by color. Now I have all of my clothes in dresser drawers, & everything is folded neatly in piles of type & color. I can’t stand it any other way. I even fold my underwear. 🙂

  • Leslie

    Oh, man. That level of organization makes me *wish* I were a Type 4! I haven’t been organized a day in my life! Thanks for sharing, Megan and Carol. You’ve definitely given this non-4 something to reach for 🙂

  • andrea

    Although I organize my clothes by type and color, I also use matching hangers and it makes a HUGE difference to the overall look and feel of my closet. I just can’t have it any other way! =)

  • Susana

    I think & feel that I am 50% 1 & 4, it has been hard to pick my dominant energy, but one think I know for sure, my closet is type 4. I is organized, by color, type of clothes, and season, separate in nice boxes, or compartments. It is very easy to find everything and make combinations. I love my closet and my beautiful & original clothes and shoes.

  • Beth H

    Carol, thank you SO much for reminding me to say “COULD BE” instead of “SHOULD BE”. I need to be reminded of that alot. I am a wonderful woman because I exist, not because my closet is perfect. I grew up with lots of shoulds and am having a hard time shedding this — from now on it will be COULD Be.


  • Beth H

    Oh, and I’m a T4/2

  • Janis

    My closet is organized by type of clothing item and then by color – yes I’m a type 4 This helps me determine what colors I might need to add to my wardrobe if I want to buy something new to wear. It helps me also see what type of clothing I need to purchase – I have way too many tank tops – in every color!

    • ella

      Yes, exactly.

  • Rache

    Im a type 4 and I can really identify with the “should” thing! Everything I see has a should attached to it , everything seems flawed in some way. Good to remember to let most of that stuff go.

    I can’t imagine having mismatching hangers in my closet. The moment I don’t like something or it doesn’t fit I put it in a holding area of my closet and give myself a week to make a decision on it. I like to only have what is useable to me in front of me, so I do a lot of shifting of my clothing depending on the season or my preferences at the time. If something is not useful, I don’t want it in my field of vision because it clutters my thinking.

  • Katie

    Even as a T4, I really struggle with organization (because I have too much clutter), but my closet is organized by type and color! My husband puts my clothes away in random order, and I can only handle that for a day or two before I have to ‘fix’ the colors 🙂 I have casual pants, casual tops, work pants, and work tops. The clothes in each category are in rainbow order.

  • Cathy

    Wow this is how I rearranged my closet the other day! Different groups of clothes— long sleeved shirts, all jeans together, T-shirts all together, skirts together etc and yes Carol is right, it took no effort, it was fun to do and yes I am a type 4. Love all your blogs Carol!


  • Barb

    I am a Type 2/4 and definitely have a type 4 closet. Last week, I experimented and tried to put my clothes in randomly and not in sections by type. It is so funny, all week I have felt actually nervous looking in my closet. Also, I can’t find outfits to go together. Tonight, I am going to spend time reorganizing.
    This stuff really is just my nature. Who would think that a closet could make you nervous? But it doesn’t when it isn’t expressing you. WOW

    • ella

      Nervous? It would drive me crazy!

      It’s just too much energy wasted on a wrong type of activity that can be avoided all together. It would confuse me, not support me. I like neat things.

      For my secondary T1 it is a difficult task to master this level of organization.. These two energies are trying to make friends with each other, I ought to do an inner dialog with “them characters”.

  • Joan

    My closet is organized by type of clothing and color (and colors are even sorted by shades, from lightest to darkest). My drawers are organized and sorted by type of clothing and then color in each stack (i.e. all tank tops in a stack, white ones all together and black ones all together). My jewelry is sorted like Megan – in boxes (labeled, of course) silver in one area, gold in another area. My shoes are all in the original boxes, with the exception of the ones that are worn often, and they are in a divided organizer. My freezer is the same – everything is sorted, stacked and labeled with what is is and the date it was put in the freezer. I think I scream type 4.

    • ella

      I considered labels on the side of the shelves in my closet but I left that at optional.Sometimes I’d like to have that degree of order but I do not manage to always live up to it

  • ella

    Soemone above wrote about the multicolored hangers. They looked like type 1 thing. For me there was too much going on with Megan’s hangers…. I would match the color of the hanger with the garment. And group them, just to have a system in it.

    My hangers are of one type, one or maximum two colors.My closet is organized by type of item (i.e. T- shirt), then color and divided into two groups i.e. long sleeve/ short sleeve, if needed. Pants together, jackets, skirts togethter etc. Black piles, white piles and color piles (similar colors together, reds, blues e.t.c.

    There is only one reason for that, it is the quickest way to find what I need and easily match the garment in question with my mood of the day. It is also a way of seeing easily what I have (secondary (T 1). It annoys me when I can’t find stuff easily.
    When stuff “disappears” I ask angels to find it when I need it, and it usually appears pretty quickly. I can actually live with a high degree mess for a while but it has to be clean. Dirt-no way.

    Pitty Carols says type 4 is visual and this report has the least and poorest pictures.

  • Michelle

    Wow! I am a Type 2, but I seem to have some Type 4 tendencies! My clothes are all separated into types in my closet. I also put colors together. I am putting most of my husbands clothes into another closet soon, (he’s okay with it :)) and I plan to put my shirts together according to sleeve length. I like to put the clothes that are obviously for another season to the back of the closet. (maybe as more kids move out I will have another closet just for off season clothes). I keep most of my shoes in the boxes they came in, and I like to put all the sandals in the same area etc., so that I can find them easily. And I like the picture of the shoe (if there is one one the box) to show so that I can find them easily. One more thing, I like to only use white plastic hangers, some clear ones, and I love padded hangers. (I hate hanger points on my shirts!)

    • Barb

      Hi Michelle,
      I am also a Type 2/4, but find my closets are much more a type 4. It sounds like our closets are just about identical! It seems like I relate to the type 2 emotionally, but a lot of the way I do things is type 4. Although, I can’t keep my perfecting tendencies working for prolonged periods. When it gets too unorganized than I go into high gear to fix it. What about you, Michelle?

      • Brigitte

        Hi Barb and Michelle,

        It is nice to read your experiences.

        When first taking the dressing your truth course, I doubted between type 2 and type 4, but opted for type 4, mostly because my organisation tendencies and my preference for clean, simple, structured and precise elements, come out way stronger than some of the type 2 tendencies (connections, memories,…)

        However, I feel faded in the black and pure colors of the type 4 and now think that I probably am a type 2, with a secondary 4.

        I am wondering how my primary and secondary types can best be combined/ expressed to be fully true to myself and would be interested in hearing your experiences.

  • Rebecca

    Wow, Megan, I love your hair! Do I recognize you from the Dressing your truth CD? The new hair has done so much for you! love it. It may give me the courage to go dark! I am a type 4 and I definitely relate to the “should/could” tendency. Thanks for making it optional 🙂

  • Kristina

    Wow, this is me with my closet. I have been trying to decide if I am a T4/3 or T3/4 after doing the introductory course. Years and years ago I decided that my closet wasn’t working or organised enough for me. I do have a lot of clothes and I hang pretty much everything. As Megan described for hers, mine are in sections – good/work one area and casual another area. Mine are all in the same closet though. Jeans all together, 3/4 length together, shorts together, dresses by straps/sleeve lengths together, shirts together again by sleeve lengths (all short, medium and long sleeve all in their own sections together). Jackets together again by sleeve length.

    But I do take it that one step further and within each of these I colour co-ordinate in a rainbow pattern. It was such a relief to do this. It looks so much better for the T4 and for T3 it is more practical finding and matching what I want to wear. Coat hangers are all quite similar but not identical and I am slowly replacing with just thick white or black plastic hangers as this looks neater. For now I have different colours but they are all the same type. My shoes (again I have a few) are all organised together in heel height order on a shoe rack and a hanging shoe rack. Jewellery I will say I am not as organised with it. I want to be but until I can do it perfectly I haven’t decided how I want it done. If I am going to do something I want to do it properly.

  • nancyk

    Definitely visual – I even want to hang my t-shirts in my closet, but there’s not enough room. I want to be able to see everything so that I can make my choice (I think that’s a bit of T1 coming out there). And yes, my closet is sorted by color. All tops on the top rack, all bottoms on the bottom rack. My shoes are in the front hall closet, too.

  • Sheryl

    Megan it is a delight to know you!

  • Rhonda

    My Ah-Ha. The could/should tendencies of my type 4.

    It’s interesting how organized I am when I have the SPACE available.
    If I don’t have space I “pile papers” rather than file them.
    Fun topic…thanks (only a T4 would say closet organization is a fun topic) 🙂

  • Cheryle

    I arrange my earrings like Megan, but I hang my necklaces and scarves on a standing quilt rack that has three rods. Of course, they are sorted by color groups, and it’s quick and easy to pick out what I need for my outfit. It’s a colorful piece of art in my bedroom.

  • debra517

    I organize my closet almost exactly like Megan! I was still unsure about which type I was until I watched some of the videos tonight. I’m a 4.

  • OhTheIrony

    I cringe when I see that her hangers are all different colors. I’m still not sure if I’m a 4. The rest of my house is a disaster. My closet is perfect. This could have to do with education. I was never taught to clean, but my first job was in a clothing store. Now that I know how I do it without thinking, caring, or exerting extra energy. Maybe I should take a cleaning class.