What Does Your Closet Say About You? Peek Into Jaleah's Closet!

Quick. What does your closet look like, this very second?

Your natural movement and tendencies show up everywhere… even behind your closet doors!

Today, Jaleah will give us a peek into her closet. Jaleah is a bright, animated Type 1 Beauty Expert in my Beauty Profiling System—and I bet you Type 1 readers will relate to some of the things she does.

  • She’s got some handy tips for organizing your closet true to your nature.
  • If you’ve ever forgotten that you own certain accessories (and so you don’t use them), try out her handy trick. She does something cool that’s so useful for Type 1’s!
  • And before you watch the video, can you guess Jaleah’s favorite wardrobe item? And why she folds it the way she does?

Take a look in Jaleah’s closet with me…

What do you think of those pictures? Does this change the way you think about your closet? Do you ever have a once-a-week hang-up session like Jaleah?

Remember that your closet space is just an expression of your natural movement. Don’t judge it!

After all, even if your random, animated movement looks disorganized to another Type, you know how to make sense of it. In fact, really structured closet organization might throw you off.

We’d both love to hear your thoughts and extra tips. Share a comment!

And then join us again next week to take a peek into the closet of a soft, subtle Type 2.

PS. If you haven’t learned your Beauty Profile yet, now’s the time. When you know your Type of beauty, you better understand (and love!) the natural movement of your thoughts, feelings, personality, and physical features.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Courtney

    O.K. my closet is super organized with everything out where I can see it ( I love everything I buy and I keep for stuff for a long time but- – my drawers however are famous for being a jumbled mess – I don’t ever fold my socks!!!

  • cat

    Thank you for doing the closet series! I was hopeful for that! This in particular helps me wrap my T3 mind around what to expect for my T1 dd when she gets starts caring for her own closet (right now I do cus she is little and can’t reach the hangars.)

    I am looking forward to T3 time…lol….

  • Eileen

    I have a sign at the edge of my closet that says “Happy Closet” to remind me. Tendency towards heaps and weekly cleanups also. 😉 I organize my closet by chakra (pronounced shah-cruh) colours as that is the most logical for me, and also it makes it easier for me to create an outfit based on what energies I want to play with or enhance. L to R: Black, grey, silver, brown, tan, cream, red, pink, coral, peach, gold, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, silver, iridescent, cream. But / and I really have 2 closets. The one I just described, and then a garment rack behind a curtain. On Sundays, I make up outfits from the main closet, and hang the complete outfits, sometimes with underwear and accessories, on the garment rack. I don’t decide which outfit I’m going to wear when, but I have these outfits made up and ready to go so that I have those as fast and easy options. AND, typical type 1, there are weeks when I don’t wear one of those pre-packaged options, but rather put together something in the moment. It’s nice to have choices.
    Necklaces are displayed on a tie rack over my dresser.
    Shoes I wear frequently are in pairs by the front door. Shoes I wear infrequently are in pairs under the bed.

    • Shacone

      I love your post, I do things the same way!! Prepackaged outfits for the week LOL!
      I also love to put them in colors because it is more “HAPPY” for me!

  • Mary Ellen

    What a wonderful idea to do closets by type!! LOVE this. I can see my own two-ness in my closet as everything is arranged to flow easily by color and garment; things are arranged by frequency and use to be convenient and “comfortable” as I dress. And of course it’s fun to shop in my closet, especially when I send my angels ahead to pre-shop for me! Very easy and a delight.

  • KariB

    Well my shoes are like Jaleah’s! But I do have the most frequent ones I wear in pairs along my wall or next to the couch! I love to hang my clothes by colors so that I can easily find what color makes me happy for the day. My jeans are hung but I do have to have them hang so the pockets show. I have my sweaters folded and stacked where I can see them, my drawers start out folded nice and neat and in order but need the once a week clean up! I also have neat piles that accumulate and get put away once a week too. I have all my jewelry either hanging on my GIant Bulletin board and earrings are hung on my scones on the wall, they are all hanging around the edge of the hurricane glass. Makes it so much easier to see what I have. Bracelets are on top of my dresser so I can see them! Coats and jackets are either in the hall closet and the light weight ones hang from a coat rack !

  • Tasha Bradshaw

    I am a type 4. My closet is organized by color. All the hangers are the same. It is a work of art 🙂

  • Jennifer

    I’m a 4/1, and liked your description of the pile/hanging thing. I did this all through high school. I started color and season coding my closet before DYT. My shoes are tossed, but I put them in order probably once every two weeks when it starts to drive me crazy. I liked your jewelry idea. I’ve been struggling with that, so it gave me some food for thought. Thanks!

  • Candy

    I’m a Type 1 and I am very random. I just cleaned out my closet and I’m trying to decide, should I just wash the walls and floor or should I paint? So right now my clothes are in a pile on top of the papers I was telling myself I needed to sort through before I file them. I think I have too many projects going on at once?

  • Dian Barnhart

    Thank you for showing Juleah’s closet. It gives me great ideas for letting my type 1 show itself as my secondary type 4 has been so strong all of my life.
    Eileen-thank you for the chakra comment. I have been using the rainbow as a guide, but I like the chakra idea better.

  • Jenna

    Great tips! I am a 4/1 but have some T1 tendencies with my closet and I love the picture frame jewelry organization.

    Carol, I must say you look especially amazing in this video. That blue color in your clothes and your makeup is beautiful on you. I’m so used to you in tans and browns. I was pleasantly surprised and felt I had to comment on your beauty. 🙂


  • Abbie

    I feel so much better!!!! I totally do the pile of clothes thing and then do a major hang up at the end of the week (usually when I do my laundry). I thought up until today that I was a total mess and really needed to get my act together. And to place a bit of order, but still accept my desire for piles… I have medium bins from IKEA… one for nice shoes, one for tennis type shoes, and one for specialtiy shoes (i.e. hiking boots, cycling shoes). That way I just flip them off in their bin and keep moving. Plus I have a bin at the front of my house where I tend to take my shoes off. Then I clear the bin at the end of the week.

  • Suzanna

    I’m not a type 1 but I have type 1s in my life. First off, Jaleah, you are adorable! Now, my t2/1 daughter has a tossed shoe mess in her closet. She swears that if she had a shoe rack she’d have them organized. She has even requested one for her birthday. We will see how her “salad” improves. This daughter’s bathroom space is also ridiculous. She has every imaginable hair accessory out on the countertop and she doesn’t “see” the problem. I like the idea of the picture frame and puting all the accessories out. My daughter actually came up with an idea using a cork board. She attached a big pussy willow branch to it and clips all her hair accessories onto it….when she remembers to take the accessory from the counter to the board! Oh! Maybe we should move the cork board to the bathroom instead of her room! That is my t4 perfecting nature! I also wanted to point out a t1 MAN’s closet. My husband likes all his stuff out. His motto is “out of sight out of mind”. I tend to organize everything for him because our closet is a shared 3×5 sized hole in the wall and I’d go nuts if I let him have his way! His dresser is a complete mess! He has 2 “junk drawers” and he collects tshirts claiming each one is special (even the yellow armpit tee from highschool). I am the one who does laundry and I’m running out of places to stash his clean clothes! Any tips there?

    • Andrea Taylor

      Take pictures of all those favorite T-shirts or make a T-shirt quilt of them so he can enjoy them. He’s not actually wearing all of them, right? I have given each of my family members a large tote for “keepsakes”. The catch is that they only get one tote. They can keep favorite toys, favorite books, favorite outfits from when they were little, but they only get one tote. If everything doesn’t fit, they have to pare it down until it does. I’m a Type 4,3,2,1. I do the pile thing with my clothes. So funny to discover it is a T1 trait. I think it’s important for people to get to choose what to do with their own stuff, so I set the limits, and let them choose within them.

  • Melissa

    I love the jewelry frame idea….how does the stuff hang on there? What did you back the frame with? Can you put instructions and info on that in the extra info part of the DYT course? Love the ideas and I’m so glad my “organized” T1 closet doesn’t have to look organized for anyone but me:)

    • Jaleah T

      Hi Melissa! The backing for the frame is just the card board and back that the frame came with. I added some fun fabric and put it where the glass would be. Then I just stuck in some fun sewing pins and hung my jewelry on those, it even holds they heavy jewelry well! Easy peasy!

  • Pat

    Now I know why my Type 1 daughter’s closet is the way it is – looks like Jaleah’s! (especially her shoes!!!) We both loved the jewelry idea. My Type 1 daughter-in-law has done that for years with hers – way before she discovered DYT!

  • Jo

    Hi Carol and Jaleah

    I just want to say how fabulous you both look. I enjoyed the content too. Jaleah, I am a Type 1 but at 58 and 5 foot tall I wouldn’t go with the shoes but good for you! Carol, you look fantastic in those colours. It reminds me of my native New Zealand paua shell (you call it abalone). I particularly love your earrings. I am loving being part of your worldwide family. It has changed my life! Thank you for living your own truth as a Type 3!

  • Melissa

    I also loved the jewelry frame idea. And the post about organizing by chakra color was a super idea. I’m definitely going to do that.

    I can’t help it, but every time I see Jaleah she reminds me of me when I was NOT dressing my truth and wearing colors and shapes that were wrong for me. Her skin tone has a cool undertone and I’m totally convinced she’d look best in type 2 colors and is really a 2/1. I know she has a ton of energy and type 1 fun just oozes out of her, but I’m sure it’s a strong secondary 1. I also have a strong secondary 1 and I can act just the same way. I can be tons of fun. But I’ve never been happier or felt more beautiful than when I accepted my true nature is actually type 3 and the secondary is 1. If Jaleah just tried out some type 2 colors just for fun I just know she’d look better than ever. She could still bring in her fun secondary 1 with the way she accessorizes. Don’t know why she won’t at least try. Actually, I do know. She’s now the “Type 1 beauty expert” and it would be embarrassing to admit it was a mistake, but isn’t it better to finally be your true type and be truly beautiful than to keep trying to force the wrong colors to look right on you?

    • Carol

      Hi Melissa, I first want to thank you for following my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to post comments. I do want to respond to this comment in particular! You are absolutely 100% wrong in your assessment of Jaleah. She is as textbook Type 1 as they come. I also want to encourage you to not Type other people based solely on what “you” think would “look” better on them. This is a very old model and Energy Profiling assesses our “true nature” which is very deeply designed in our energy as humans. On the blog we take the liberty to assesses celebrities as we feel they have very public persona’s and we do it with the intent to educate not tell people who they are. I know Jaleah as if she were my own daughter, and to post a comment like this is not only potentially hurtful but uncalled for. You are basically saying without saying it, that Jaleah does not look good! I have to say it seems more like a Type 4 tendency for you to think you would know better than us what we should be doing and boldly share it with the founder on her own blog! As the founder and creator of this system I am here to make sure whoever reads this that your comment has no backing and substance, it is your opinion which you are entitled to, and to make sure I stand up for my amazing bright and animated Type 1 daughter-in-law and declare to the world, she is a Type 1 through and through and I love, love, love her very, very much! Thanks for your comment though! You got this Type 3 fired up!! I love it!

    • Carol

      Hi Melissa, I was curious if you were really a Type 3 so I looked up your photo on Facebook. I would suggest you consider that you are actually a Type 4/1. This profile is commonly confused as being a Type 3. Have you seen my blog post about this? It’s titled: “Are you a Type 3? Who’s not actually a Type 3!

      That would make more sense to me as your comment about Jaleah had the tone of a Type 4 who considers herself an authority and would be bold enough to share it with the founder of the system she is just learning about! Consider the Type 4/1 for yourself, I don’t see much Type 3 in your facial features. Hope this helps.

  • Erin Belanger

    I almost bought a similar pair of shoes! : ) I am trying to overcome my secondary 4 that has been calling the shots since I “grew up”. I may just go back and get them now! My shoes look like Jaleah’s too. I’m glad to know I am not the only one. The 4 in me is ashamed. : P

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  • Cassandra

    I related to every bit of this! I toss my clothes that still need more wearing onto a shelf in my closet where I can grab in a hurry. Normally I like my shoes neat and organized so I can pick the perfect pair (thanks t4 mom) but lately they have become quite jumbled. I love the frame idea! We actually made those using chicken wire for a craft day at church this past Nov. Thanks for the fun peak at your closet Jaleah!

  • Adde Moore

    Oh my goodness!!! My friend talked to me about Dressing Your Truth a few months ago and I have been attempting to do so. I am also a Type 1 and seeing these pictures of Jaleah’s closet have made me feel SO much better! My closet seriously looks IDENTICAL to hers and that’s what caused my friend to have me watch this video specifically! 🙂

  • Alexandra

    While my dresser drawers are jumbled on the inside, I have learned to choose categories for each drawer (thanks to my type 4 husband). On his half of the closet he has every item’s hanger exactly 1 inch from the others. This is how it has been for the last 3 years. I, however, in my 1-ness am on about my 5th version of organization on my side. Every couple of months I look at my side with fresh eyes and imagine how I could adjust things up to make it easier and more fun. My best idea yet, which I have managed to keep “neat” for the longest amount of time, is setting my side up as a mini department store. There is a tall thin shelf on which I display my shoes on top of pretty shoe boxes (and hide seasonal shoes on the insides of the boxes to switch out) just like a display. I affixed a belts kiosk on the wall next to the door (its really just adhesive hooks) which each hold several fun options. A padded hanger becomes a rotating necklace holder, and I use a tie rack to layer all of my scarves. I can see everything, but there is a system that doesn’t make my type 4 husband’s brain explode when he walks into our closet. The key to organizing the chaos that others might see is keeping like things together even if they aren’t set up perfectly.

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  • Christine

    Love this! I too am the proud owner of a tossed shoe salad, nice and colorful just like Jaleah’s. Its so fun to pick from, just like sneaking a big fat juicy strawberry out of a real salad! I have my necklaces and bracelets in a clear hanging accessory holder, but I can see that I need to get my earrings out where I can see them all as well. Thanks for the tips, and the reassurance that if it works for me, its just fine!

  • Adhis

    I am a Type 1 but my closet looks very little like Jaleah’s. I like all my tops grouped together by color so I can pair up clothing themes quickly. All of my hangers have to match (they are light-colored wooden hangers). All of my shoes are paired up. I cannot stand “tossed” clothes; it makes me feel claustrophobic.

    The thing that did resonate with me though is that I do like to have everything where I can see it. I realize I have not done this with my jewelry and I would like to be able to see all my options at once so I can vary up my ensemble.

  • NiNi Na

    I can’t believe I am crying over this like a baby as a fun-loving type 1/2. Order and organizing have been such a trauma for me in my family because I never did it perfect enough or right enough (Oh, and did I mentioned that I live in type 4, order-loving Germany? ;)). You won’t believe it, but I actually broke down over it, it really ruined my self-esteem as I tried so hard not to be me. I have a loving type 4/2 mom who is very structured and a type 3/1 dad who strongly tried tried to force me to be like her, and now with 35 I find out that having everything out and finding things in my open “disorder” with my photographic memory is just my nature and that it is ok because it’s me. I really love you for that, thank you so much!

  • dotbinmo

    My closet??? You really don’t want to know…..

  • CaCoast

    I have an IKEA wire basket system (four baskets per frame, 6 frames) that I use as a room divider. I neatly fold my t-shirts, tank dresses, sweaters, and jeans in the baskets so that I can see everything and enjoy looking at the cheerful colors. I don’t like traditional dressers. In my closets, I hang jackets and blouses. Six months into DYT, I got rid of 400 non-T1 items of clothing, so now my wardrobe is manageable, even though I still have too much.