Taking Years Off That Beautiful Face! Dressing Your Truth Makeover

Of the 4 Types in my Beauty Profiling system, subtle, soft Type 2 beauties are most likely to feel invisible.

So in an attempt to be seen, what do they often do?

They make a statement with their hair or clothes. And instead of looking stylish, they just look harsh. They add years to their faces. And they disappear even more behind what they’re wearing!

But when a soft, subtle woman embraces her natural beauty—wow! I love seeing a Type 2 woman’s face become the focus of her new style when she starts Dressing her Truth. Just take a look at Patti…

Type 2 Before and AfterI look at Patti’s makeover photos and can hardly believe it’s the same woman.

In her before picture, her face practically disappears under her bright hair and her statement jewelry. But this makeover honors her naturally soft and blended quality of beauty. Her new look takes years off her face—and what a beautiful face it is!

Don’t you just love Patti’s makeover? Please share your positive comment for her.

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  1. Wow!! She looks amazing! SO beautiful!

  2. Wow! I love her new look. She looks gorgeous.

  3. What a gorgeous tranformation! I can hardly believe it’s the same woman!

  4. Wow! Looks like mother and daughter! Totally looks 20 years younger after Dressing her Truth.
    Love it!

  5. Tami Prine says:

    Oh wow! Patti looks so beautiful now!

  6. Mary Ellen says:

    Patti how very beautiful you look. Fabulous!

  7. Patricia Cresswell says:

    Oh my what an amazing difference. The change in hair colour is so dramatic and really makes her eyes stand out.

  8. wow! It looks like she was trying to be a 3..all I see in her before pic is the shirt and necklace. What an awesome transformation!

  9. Shacone says:

    What beautiful eyes you have!!! I hope you feel as great as you look!

  10. Patti, you look truly beautiful, young and happier now. Enjoy!

  11. OMG, what a change!
    In the before picture I just saw the necklace and then the color of the shirt. I didn’t see her at all!

    After the transformation I only saw a beautiful woman. Even if the lighting is different, the change is huge.

    This transformation really epitomizes for me the whole point of DYT. We as women became so lost in the fashion jungle and in our own efforts “to do it right”.

  12. Daniela says:

    looks like they are entirely two different persons !

  13. WOWzers!!! She is not a Type4, but I can’t help but say “stunning!” in such a soft way!! Patti looks like she is 20 years younger!

  14. This is an AMAZING makeover/transformation. You probably feel more beautiful now as well as look it.

  15. Cmichelleh says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  16. I agree that the new Patti has a face that stands out. I’m a type 2, but my hair is naturally blonde and I don’t want to color it. I refuse to buy into the idea that I was born with hair that doesn’t flatter me, it’s part of who I am!

    • Hi Suzy, Patti’s after color is the color she was when she was younger, so it is true to her nature! Type 2’s don’t have to color their hair! Have you invested in the online Dressing Your Truth course? It will sow you all the amazing options you have and stay true to your color hair that you love!

  17. What a fabulous makeover. We can see Patti now, not what she is wearing and she is beautiful.

  18. Suzanne says:

    Wow Carol! How Beautiful. Shacone is right. Your eyes are beautiful and that is what is noticed now.

  19. Wow! She looks so young and beautiful! :)

  20. She does look absolutely beautiful… So happy for you Patti. It feels so good doesn’t it?

  21. Patti, in the before picture all I could see was the bright shirt and hair. Now I see your “glowing”, beautiful face! You look so sweet and happy.
    This makeover has really proven to me that it isn’t bright, bold colors that make a person stand-out, it is allowing our true natures to come forth that makes us shine.
    (Patti isn’t invisible anymore, everyone will notice how beautiful she is!)

  22. Elizabeth O'Day says:

    Patti’s transformation is amazing. She looks powerful, beautiful and fully alive in a dynamic 2 way (like water flowing, or a waterfall – the power and dynamic action of water). I love this amazing energy profiling system!

  23. An amazing makeover!!! She looks so amazing after – young, vibrant, even though she’s a 2!

  24. Stephanie V. says:

    As a Type 2 who was prompted to live and dress like a Type 3 for decades (so as not to “disappear” and be dismissed in the aggressive TV industry in which I worked), I deeply resonate with this–for me it’s one of the most dramatic and inspiring makeovers you’ve ever done. The two pix do not even look like the same person. The new Patti is absolutely beautiful, and looks subtlely, yet “powerfully” grounded. Who would ever dismiss such an arrestingly lovely woman? A great lesson for Type 2’s who may be on the fence and are hesitant to “go for it,” thinking by dressing their truth they will only fade even more into the background. In reality just the opposite happens.

  25. She looks amazing! In her “before” picture, the look is a bit harsh for her. In the “after” picture, her demeanor is very gentle and radiant. Her beautiful essence really shines through. GREAT MAKEOVER!

    • Fiona said it so well. My first thoughts at seeing the transformation were serene and peaceful. You look like you feel beautiful-not just on the outside, but deep down on the inside!

  26. Wow! Dressed as a 3 just made her look so different and older. She looks completely different and so lovely and YOUNG as a Type 2.

    I hope this helps fence sitters to see they may look fashionable, but if they’re not dressing to honor THEIR particular nature, it doesn’t work for their true best self.

  27. Absolutely, stunningly gorgeous. What a lovely lady.

  28. This probably the MOST AMAZING transformation I have seen in DYT!! Truly she looks like a different person …. and yes, like Mother and Daughter … WOW!! and a truly beautiful daughter :) And even though type 2 is soft, subtle … Patti really ‘pops out’ dressing in her type. The hair color is wonderful on her … really brings out/frames her beautiful eyes/face.
    I’m sending this one out to a ‘few’ friends !! I just LOVE DYT!!

  29. O M G !!! A different butterfly emerged from that chrysalis!!!

  30. The new hair colour truly draws the eye to the face. Beautiful! A nice scarf, or soft necklace would be a nice addition.

  31. I love the gentle power of your softness, Patti. Your beauty glows!

  32. Suzanna says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! Is it ok to say that is one dramatic type 2 makeover? I am really just speachless. GORGEOUS! How do you FEEEEEL Patti?

  33. Well played, Patti! See how beautiful you look when you let your true self shine?!?! Delighted to have seen this and wish you the abundant best!!!!

  34. Wow. Just wow!!! Welcome to the beautiful world of type 2’s!

  35. It’s not as though she was unattractive in the before photo. I see an attractive woman in both photos, but the before photo is all about the blue blouse and blond hair with the woman receding into the background. In the after photo the beautiful woman is in the foreground with her blouse and hair backing her up nicely. I’d like to see a Type 2 necklace with that outfit as the final finishing touch.

  36. Absolutely gorgeous. I don’t really see this as a “make-over” but more of a reveal. She looks good in the first picture – but in the second picture she looks good AND emits this feeling of ease and comfort. Her inner beauty has come forth!

  37. Awesome transformation. Her hairstyle and color were key.

  38. Kathleen says:

    This is a really great make-over! The hair color, the top she’s wearing… everything is an improvement and her pretty face is framed such that her inner loveliness shines through.
    Wow! Her inner presence was hidden in the before picture.

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