Stop Wounding Your Soft, Subtle Self…

We all face self-doubt sometimes.

And we all move through it differently. These different movements are expressed in the 4 Types of my Energy Profiling system. You need to be aware of the way you respond to self-doubt so you don’t wound yourself.

The Questions You Ask

Every human being eventually asks the question of whether or not they’re good enough. It can sound something like this:

Am I good enough? Am I worthwhile? Am I valuable and important? Do I matter?

  The way you answer these questions can wound you in ways that you can stop this minute.

The Way You Answer (and How it Can Wound You!)

A Type 2 in my Energy Profiling system has a naturally fluid, connected energy. Your sensitive, questioning nature is a natural strength to help you gather details and make connections.

But if you turn that questioning inward in a doubtful way, you can wound yourself over and over. Your questioning nature can branch out to more questions that sound like this: Do I even make a difference? Do I have any power? Can I do anything right?

You usually ask these questions when something shows up in your world that suggests you’re not worthwhile. You don’t know the answer is yes when you ask if you’re good enough—and so you often deduct the answer is NO. And you create a wound.

The wound doesn’t look big for a person with a more subtle nature. But the unsettled feeling can creep into every part of your day. In the video, Anne shares a great example of how this can happen.

How to Change the Pattern

How do you break the cycle and heal the wound? When you start to wonder if you are worthwhile, you need to answer the question with truth.

And the truth is, “Yes!” Yes, you are worthwhile. Yes, you are good enough. Yes, you have a worthwhile gift, so show up and use it!

The trick to changing the pattern is to staying connected to your truth. Answer the question: Yes! And don’t wound yourself.

Watch the video to hear Anne’s experience with this pattern and learn more details on how to embrace the truth…

How does this help you rethink your own doubts? Please leave a comment telling us how this will help you.

Remember that answering the question of your worth leaves you free to ask a more important question: How can I make a difference in the world with my worth and my gifts?

Don’t waste any more time wondering if you’re good enough! Just show up and make a difference.

Most Important: Remember Your Gift!

You have a unique gift that you express effortlessly when you’re living your truth. For a fluid, connected person, this natural gift is peace.

You’re supposed to be the first recipient of that gift. When you wound yourself over your own worth, you aren’t experiencing your own gift! And if you don’t feel peace, how can you share it with anyone else?

Whatever Energy Type you are, you can stop wounding yourself and live true to your gifts. If you don’t yet know your Energy Profile, take the first step to discovering it today by purchasing the Energy Profiling Bundle.

If you already know your Energy Profile, but still aren’t quite sure if you can feel worthwhile, look for other supportive resources at the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. Sign up for my free weekly newsletter, “I Am a Creator,” and check out other products that will help you release limiting patterns and live wound free!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Carolyn

    Thank you Carol and Ann for this helpful discussion. People need to stop with the self-wounding! The truth is available to us if we can only tap into it. I really love what Ann said about saying yes I am worthwhile, lets move forward…

    Thank you again.

  • Asinia

    As a T2 who struggles with constant inner questioning, this completely hit home for me. Even the texting! That made me laugh because I have done that same thing MANY times..

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information and I will start my days now saying “Yes, I am worthwhile!!”

  • Barb

    Great series! For this Type 2 I consider it a wonderful gift. “Get going with your life and just do it” especially when you know you’re worthwhile. Fabulous fit for my life. I never understood the why and how … thanks for filling in the blanks (that don’t stay blank for very long when I’m filling them with questions!).

  • Barb

    Before learning energy profiling, I would always answer the question “Am I worthwhile, capable, etc…?” with a no.I always felt like a failure. (Even though I could look at my abilities objectively and know that I wasn’t a failure.)
    I cannot fully explain how understanding the different energies has transformed my life! I now love who I am! There isn’t ceaseless comparing with others. Thank you, for helping me find confidence in the person God made me to be. And Carol is right – when you stop having to answer the question “Am I worthwhile?” you can begin to offer your gifts to others with confidence and joy!

  • Michelle

    I can totally relate to those feelings. I know I let my mind imagine all kinds of things, as Anne did with the texting. What a good reminder that we are all worthwhile! Thanks, Michelle

  • vickie

    you girls are all so beautiful — inside and out. gosh, did this video hit home. your words of wisdom launched a tear from my eyes. can you believe at 57 there are still these thoughts running around in this brain? such craziness. thank you again for this reminder and for this validation. your service and your amazing products are all so cherished and appreciated.

    lastly, i have to comment on the hairstyles coming from the new stylist….they are downright gorgeous. makes me want to take a trip to SLC for a cut and color !!

  • Carol H.

    Thanks so much for this perfectly timed message of self-love and kind self-regard. Am I worthwhile? Yes! And please, Universe, help me share my gifts more each day. Carol and Anne, your videos are wonderful food for the soul.

  • Therese

    This also brought a tear from my eyes – so beautiful to hear ” I am worthwhile”. I noticed at the very end that Anne’s gesture is very flowing and downward and Carol’s is sharp and upward. Very true to your Types!

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  • Suzanna

    I just showed this to my type 2, 10 year old daughter. When it ended I asked her, “what did you learn”. She replied, “That I’m good enough”, with a smile on her face. With that I reminded her to stop hurting my sweet child.

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  • Gail

    OMGosh, this is so me. I do this to myself alot. Ex; I am a longarm quilter, another quilter (who knows this) made this comment to me “If you want your quilt in a show, Jan is the go to quilter” This has really wounded me and I keep replaying it. I know I have to stop doing that to myself. I am a good quilter too, just different then Jan. I doubt this person realizes what she said, she is always telling me the other quilters she has do the quilting on her quilts, yet here I am her neighbor and she takes them to other quilters in other towns, and then tells me about it. Just one small example of what I replay in my mind.