Get All the Secrets to Amazing Winter Fashion

What will you bundle up in this winter?

Just because the weather’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t look fashionable. That’s why Anne’s joining me today—to give you a sneak peek for our fun Club Night, coming up on November 17th…

Winter Wear for Every Type of Beauty!

Whatever winter style you want to achieve, we’ll have some inspiration for you at this Club Night.

Watch the video to see the wintery additions to our wardrobe today, and to hear the winter wear we’ll feature at November’s fun event…

Will you join us at Club Night? Leave a comment with winter fashion questions you’d like answered or ideas you look forward to seeing that night.

And Remember: Dress in your winter wear or holiday fancies to November’s Club Night, even if you’re joining us online—and get into the spirit of the season!

November Club Night: Winter Wear for Every Type

  • When: November 17th, 7PM MT
  • Where: Join us live or online
  • Club Members: Look for an email in your inbox with more details

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Anna

    I Look so forward to Club night. Thank you Anne for all the hard work you put into club night. You are so very appreciated!

  • Barb

    I love Carol’s earrings in this video! Are they in the DYT Store….I couldn’t find them. If not, where did you get them.

    • Carol

      Hi Barb, we will have them available next week! Thanks Carol

  • Michelle

    Club night will be great fun….always is. 🙂 Love your winter looks ladies! Love the coat, Carol….and miss it a little. (I used to own it, or one exactly like it)! How funny!

  • Barb

    Dear Carol and Anne,

    Would you please, address hats. Hats are necessary where I live, Wisconsin, but I have never found a type that looks attractive on me.
    I am a Type 2.

    Thanks, Barb

  • Bev

    Looking forward to this. Wish I could be there. I will be watching from Canada.

  • Maria

    Thank you, Thank you, guys, for planning the winter wardrobe club night! I am a type 4 looking for winter wear so, would it be possible for you to tell the audience where you are purchasing the items (esp boots).. I love your club nights but often feel lost when they are over as I am always unable to locate the beauties that you choose!

    Thanks so much and boy, both of you look fabulous!!!!!


  • Ciel

    Excited to hear about T2 WinterWear!!! And other types as well.
    I have been wondering if I can wear cable knits in my colors or are these too textured for T2/3?