Are You a Type 3…Who’s Not Actually a Type 3?

We’ve recently seen a confusing pattern in people who are trying to figure out their Energy Type. And we’re here to shine some light on it.

You might not be a Type 3, but think you are

 You are a unique combination of all 4 Types at varying degrees. And you will always lead with a dominant Type. But the combination of your dominant and secondary Type may have actually led you to believe that you express a different Energy Type completely!

Today, we talk about a unique combination that you’ll want to know about.

If you’ve identified yourself as a Type 3, but your facial features don’t line up with that profile, this video is for you. We talk about why you could be expressing a fabulous dominant/secondary combo of Type 1/4 or 4/1. And we discuss how you can figure it out. Watch and see:

Did you think you were a Type 3? Have you changed your mind, or do your facial features match up with your dominant Type? Share your experience in a comment.

The best way to Type yourself correctly

Remember, these videos are supplemental material. So, if you’re trying to Type yourself with just the information on my blog, you may get frustrated or confused. You need the full program. My book, It’s Just My Nature, will take you through key aspects of every Energy Profile, including your defining facial features.

Invest in yourself by watching my free online Energy Profiling Course. Along with the book, you will receive all sorts of online, audio, and visual resources to help you understand and embrace your true nature.

Then come back here for more fun and information to support you in Living Your Truth!

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • andrea

    How interesting! A couple family members came to mind as I watched this so now I’ll go back and review the course info with this in mind. Thanks for clarifying!

  • Trish

    Yeah, great video! My sister is this combo we think. Though she thinks she is a Type 2….she so IS NOT though. Ha!

  • Kathleen

    This is great. I relate a bit, although being the more yin side in both my primary T1 my secondary T4, I don’t experience it very much. My friend who is some combo of 1 and 4 (the more yang 4) and very energetic 1 is a real display of this energy confusion you are talking about. Now I can understand her! Thanks Carol and Anne.

  • Sharon

    I think this will help a lot of people to understand their energy. This was a very good explanation.

  • Jessica

    Thank you! One of the members of the forum directed me to this page, and I am so grateful that you covered this. I thought I was a dominant Type 2, but living one month wearing Type 2 clothes didn’t really energize me. I didn’t feel empowered. Instead, although I looked elegant, I had to watch myself and felt really bothered that I expressed myself vocally more as a Type 1, and sometimes as a Type 4. And although nothing in my facial features suggest a Type 3, I wished I could just be ONE DISTINCT type… because nothing seemed to be working out! 🙂

    So now the challenge is to figure out whether it is T1 or T4 that is my leading nature! But this is tougher than I thought!!

    • Kecia

      This is a hard one, Jessica, and I struggled for quite a while with whether it was my Type 1 or Type 4 nature that was dominant. My advice to you is to go with what your facial features are saying! My features are clearly Type 4 but I have a very, very strong secondary 1 (that also shows in my features). It was confusing because I had allowed my type 1 characteristics to dominate my personality for many years, as my type 4-ness was not OK with the people around me. Stick with it! You will get everything figured out and it will be so worth it.

  • Erin

    I feel like my 2/4 can often come across as a 1, my four kind of bubbles over the two at times. Have you seen this before?

  • Rene

    Thank you for this video. Carol typed my mom (through the Monday night blogtalk radio series using a FB pic) as a Type 4. I have struggled with that because we are SO different and haven’t seen eye-to-eye on much of anything. I was sure she was a Type 3: she always has 3 or 4 projects going and going FAST and wants the rest of us to be right there with her. After watching this I’ve seen the light!! 😀 This really helped me understand her movement as a 4/1.

  • Lisa

    Thank you. Being a 4/1 or 1/4 combo IS confusing. I think I’ve figured out which one is my dominant. But when the other is a very strong secondary it makes it difficult to determine which one is the dominant. My daughter just got done reading the Type 1 section of the book and asked me why I’m not a dominant 1. It would be nice if you did some help for people like me that have a very strong secondary with a 1/4 or 4/1 combo. Sometimes the facial features are difficult because we are so blended.I’ve seen others make comments and having this same problem.

    Rene, I can relate with your mother. I appreciate you bringing the project aspect up. I always have big projects going on and sometimes too many. I love big projects; they don’t scare me. I do find myself having a difficult time focusing on more than one big project at a time, like tunnel vision.

    This has been very helpful. Now to figure out which is the dominant. Hmmm.

  • Sarah

    At first I thought I was a 3 but after view this video I reviewed my materials and feel that I am either a 1/4 or 4/1. I’m not sure which one yet. My question is: How can I determine which style to exude physically? If I am a type 1, the style of dress, hair, and make-up is very different from that of a type 4. If I have a strong secondary type, is it okay to blend the styles in my physical appearance?

  • Pamela

    This was great. Thank you.

  • Tiffany

    Interesting point about the tracks on a CD. I do get quite focused on one thing for awhile then it switches. My challenge is about the secondary being 1 or 3, because these days it feels more like a 3.

  • Melissa

    Good to know I’m not the only one who made this mistake!!! I tried to dress like a Type 3 for several months, but it never felt quite right. And my fiance kept complaining that the sharp angles on the
    Type 3 jewelry made him feel afraid of me. I actually loved the Type 3 jewelry (so exotic), but it looked kind of ridiculous on me with my round apple cheeks, round eyes, smooth skin and heart shaped face. Even worse, the Type 3 eye makeup made my eyes look droopy and tired. I kept experimenting with different Type 3 colors, but nothing worked. Switching to Type 1 eye makeup opened my eyes, brightened them and took years off. It’s wonderful when you finally get it right! When I realized I was a 1/4 it all fell in place. I especially love the way I look in my chocolate brown and have made it a staple of my wardrobe. Chocolate brown works with all the bright, playful accessories and accents, but has the anchoring quality my secondary 4 needs. Oh and my 3/1 fiance was thrilled when I switched to my Type 1 jewelry. He “playfully” took my Type 3 necklaces and said, “Now I can use these to go hunting!”

  • Teresa

    This is exactly what happened to my mother and I. We both thought that we were a type three. Eventually I figured out I was a 4, but I still thought I had a secondary three. I went up with my mother to get draped in Utah later, and after we found out my mother was a 1, Sarah explained to us that the 4/1 1/4 energy gets confused. I found out my secondary wasn’t a 3, but a very very strong 1. She was a type 1, with a secondary 4. Suprise!

  • Courtney

    I I read the book and I am more confused than ever. I do not have round eyes or a heart shaped face. My face is a perfect oval and my eyes are “exotic”- I am caucasian- but I do have the apple cheeks and the eyes with light in them. Is it possible to be half 1 and half 3 with no dominate? I feel like I don’t look anything like type 1’s and yet I feel most like type 1’s even though I have some of the features of a 3. After this video I am doubting even that. I don’t feel comfortable making an investment until I am sure.

  • Adhis

    ha! This happened exactly to me! I had heard of DYT, searched YouTube and the blogs and thought I was a Type 3. Then, I read the book and did the online profiling and realized I was a combo of Type 1 and Type 4, but not sure which led out. I chose to schedule a draping to clarify things once and for all, and of course, I was shocked to find I am a Type 1 (secondary 4).

    The explanations in this video are exactly the reasons why I thought I was a Type 3. Great blog post!

  • Courtney

    O.k. I am starting to understand this better, after reviewing the material. I would like to learn to dress my type I still feel like I dont look physically the part of a type 1 but I am most assuredly not a type 3! I think sometimes we need to listen to our inner voice, and stop scrutinizing the details and go with our first feeling after reading the book.

  • Lily

    I think it can go the other way, too!
    When I first was learning about EP, I was sure that I was a 4/1, when really I was a 3! I’m glad she posted this so we can all learn more about living our true natures.

  • Alita

    This was clarifying on a friend of mine who I felt had T3 energy but none of the facial features! 1/4! Ahhhh. Great to be freed of confusion!

  • Susana

    Great Video!
    I would like to see a video of a 2/3 and 3/2 combo, how this combination look like.

  • Christine

    THANK YOU for this video! This explains exactly the issue I was having after completing the introductory video course and reading the Your Beauty Profile book. I was convinced I must be a 3, but I look young for my age (not textured), and I’m not “exotic” looking. I am going to bed tonight so relieved. I now feel I am a dominant 4/secondary 1. I’m smilling as I’m typing. The relief [and acceptance] is palpable. Thank you!!!

  • Christine

    Ha! I’m reading my comment above and realize I used the word EXACTLY (a Type 4 trait). Thanks again. I have been confused and not living true to my nature for so long. Thank you for providing so many wonderful videos and additional resources to help anyone interested in energy profiling and dressing their truth find their way out of the darkness. Now I can’t wait to learn how to dress my truth – and share my gifts from a place of gratitude and positive self-acceptance.

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  • Bridgette

    WOW. I just finished watching the T4 course. I went into my closet and found a couple of T4 outfits, put them on with silver jewelry and WOW. Just to reassure myself, I tried a couple of T3 outfits and jewelry too. Although I looked ok with the T3, I really look amazing dressing T4… WOW!

    Thanks for the clarification!

  • sarahz

    Love that you clarify when a pattern presents itself!

    Seems as if I hopped into DYT at the right time. Inside this system, I relate to 4/1 and meandered a little on the path to that discovery. Got a bit sidetracked wanting to match the “ideal” beauty and then mixing up “ethnic” and “exotic.” Seemingly the same words, but very different when it comes to DYT and energy profiling. It has been a fun game which is very telling of my nature 😉

    Having watched nearly all the videos on this blog and in the members section I can honestly say that it is worth it to invest in the course. The club night videos and additonal resources really make a difference in learning “how” to apply all this great information! And you get to participate in the ongoing, live events!

  • Cynthia Stringer

    I am very confused It appears that I have Type 1 facial features but I do not relate to the key words or the bubbly anything. I feel the wording for Type 4 or Type 3 fit me best. I purchased the Type 3 program but now I am not sure and wonder if I should exchange it for Type 1 or Type 4.

    • LYT Customer Support

      Hello Cynthia, thank you for your question. If you have reviewed all of the materials and resources we have available, that you may wish to consider scheduling a Confirm Your Type appointment with Carol. To learn more please email or visit the Expert Services link in the Dressing Your Truth folder in the members’ area. Thank you!

  • Katie

    You ladies nailed it. I’m a 1/4 and early on in my experience with Energy Profiling this is exactly what happened: I kept wondering if I wasn’t really a Type 3. I even had friends who’d gone through the course with me that initially thought that too. It’s obvious to me now that that wasn’t the case and this video really helps articulate that. Thank-you!

  • Charlotte

    This helps me understand my 4 yr old so much better! I’ve been treating him as if he were a type 3, but feeling confused because his facial features are NOT T3! They are most definitely T4/1!! Now I know why it wasn’t jiving. And now I can honor his energy type. Thank you Carol and Anne.

  • Nicole Nelson

    Carol and Ann thank you so much for this video. I am definitely a type 1/4 who was conflicted about type 3 energy. My new boyfriend ,coincidently, I believe is a 4/1 and it is fascinating. I appreciated Ann’s explaination about how the strength of a type 4 secondary can appear as a bold, vocal firm energy . I have that and confused it with type 3 🙂 Your information is super interesting and helpful.

  • Mariah

    Carol, Anne,

    I have to say this and I do hope you hear me.

    Many, of your descriptions and metaphors relate only to American speak.

    For Australians, Brits, Europeans we need different speak.

    I have watched your free course at least 3 times, I have read your books – The Child Whisperer, Dressing your Truth & It’s Just My Nature and most of the descriptions and metaphors used are foreign to me and don’t ring any bells in my head. It wasn’t until I heard Anne speak in your blog: How Do The Different Types Handle Detail, that I heard something that awoke recognition in me. You may say, oh ok that’s because your Chakras are blocked, but being an English Teacher of British English, I would disagree and say that spoken language is the basic tool we use to communicate, then written language is the second tool, possibly the primary if you are deaf. However, we all learned our language long before we ever had to learn to read and write it; we learned it at our Mothers knee and in the sounds that surrounded us as children until we were adept at the language of our surroundings and then we moved into the structured phase of now learning to put it on paper and ‘see’ how the sounds were written and read. So, language is a primary factor in understanding the ‘type’ that we are. While I believe you have some essence of truths here and they have answered a chord in my soul ONLY AFTER I heard Anne Speak my language in that blog as before mentioned, I believe that the language you use to describe the Type, may not to be re-defined, or you may even need a number of descriptions. When I am teaching a class, I know there are kines-ethics in my hearing, there are the visuals and there are the audios so when I see no recognition i use different word play or actions or feelings until all my class are on board. Often I will draw word pictures and 3-4 different descriptions using things that are common place in their every day lives to bring an understanding and then when the light goes on I KNOW and I CAN SEE their understanding as the light dawns. It might simply be that the phrases you use are common in your family or even your nation and not so common to others. If they were raised in a household that uses slang, or poor English they may never have heard these descriptions. Consider this in your book if you do a second edition (which I would like to see with much more description that is used world wide) and more clear examples.I believe this will enhance others understanding and your business. I can hear you saying, but we rely on your intuition, but intuition is awakened by knowledge. No one has intuition without first having a basic understanding of an issue that allows intuition to work. Basic Example: we have a basic understanding of males by the male influences in our lives that awaken our intuition into what they may be feeling. That comes from a knowledge gained. Conscience requires knowledge to be awakened just as intuition does. Please consider, your language is very common for the average American, but for me as an English Inherited Australian, it spoke very little for a large time. My partner is European with Egyptian/Italian background and the examples fall on deaf ears too.

    Your Term: Bright, light and dropping the ball. That’s an American term. Here it would be: You build castles in the sky, or Pie in the Sky. Your term: Active/Reactive here would be a short fuse and reacts quickly. etc., etc., etc.,
    Hope you take this in the good intention that it was written – because for the 27 or so people that I have introduced to it in Australia have all had question marks over the same issue till I felt I would speak about it today. Bless you in your new 2nd edition free course and your second edition books.

    Perhaps, get the type 3 and the type 4 and the type 1 and the type 2 themselves to describe in their own deep feelings their responses. I teach Type 4’s and Type 2’s and I have a few Hot Type 3’s in my classes and more than a few Type 1’s (I believe now) and I know that a Type 4 will take longer to get the information in and to be able to express it back out, and I need to speak their language, then a type 3 will get hot under the collar if they can’t understand or if you tell them their answers need correcting, phew mamma mia, they don’t like that either and getting a type 1 to stay on task can be a daunting project, but if I speak their language close to their face, I get the result. We all need you to speak our language in our language, how our language is assimilated.

    Kindly, Mariah

  • Carol Tuttle

    Thank you for the suggestions.

  • Scobles

    Whoa, profound. This is EXACTLY what’s going on with me. I have a tremendous drive to completion, but I’m also spontaneous.

    I was going to comment and ask: SO, am I a 4/1, or a 1/4?

    Now I realize that I basically just revealed that in the first line of my comment. Or, if I had to say what I value about myself it would be FIRST my tremendous drive to completion and THEN my spontenaity (which I feel I have “broken in” and learned how to engage properly over the years.) I will schedule times to be random and silly, sometimes months in advance (planned sky-diving trip etc).

    I have white WHITE porcelain skin, delicate but chiseled features, a pointy chin and round eyes and cheeks.

    K, I need to read your book again. I am a type 4 secondary 1 (HAS to be) and honestly, I am terrified of the power and absoluteness I feel inside as a result of the 4. Eeek!

  • Michele

    Carol, Anne, Thank you so much for this video I found it very interesting. I feel I am a primary 1 with secondary 3 but I don’t see that combo on the resource page. Does that combo not exist and I have my assessment off? I have type 1 facial, type 1/3/2 movement, 1/3/2 Gifts & talents, 1/3 pity-party, 1/4 thoughts. Thank you,
    FYI, I tried to login in with my name but the system kept telling me the email address was already in use.

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  • Ellen Brown

    I am a type one. I didn’t really know what my secondary was. Everyone kept telling me I was type 3. I finely started to see me as a type 3. But I noticed that every time I said I’m a type 3. It felt heavy and depressing. I couldn’t figure it out. I went into the store to see if someone would help me. She didn’t say but sent me home with where to some places to go on the website. So on a mission to really find out why people see me as a 3 and me not feeling it at all. I got on and did the face over and over with a mirror. Found this blog and first couldn’t believe that I maybe a 4. But felt so excited to find out that I’m really not a 3. I finally feel like I understand ME.

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  • shorechick

    This resounded tremendously, but I can’t figure out if I’m 4/1 or 1/4!