What Are You Doing for Fun Today?

Recently my good friend asked me:

“What are you doing for fun today Carol?”

I thought to myself, that is a great question to ask myself everyday!  I did not have an answer for him.  I had not considered I could allow myself to have fun in some way everyday?

So let me ask you the same question – “What are you doing to have fun today.”

Call upon your angels to help you experience more fun in your life.  Life can easily get tedious and burdensome.  A daily investment in fun is important at the time in which we live. Fun may be an activity that you add to your day, or it might just be a shift in your attitude.

You may already be doing a lot of things that could be a lot more FUN!

What keeps us from having fun? That is another good question to ask yourself.

Say to yourself: “I am grateful for all the fun that is a part of my daily experience. I am attracting that which is more fun and allowing my current experience to just become more fun!”

God Bless You with more fun!

Carol Tuttle

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • James

    Love this!

  • andrea

    I definitely needed this reminder! I was raised with a “work before play” mentality but as an adult, the work is never done. I’m good at relaxing but I need more fun and play in my day. Thanks!