4 Types Beauty Panel: Wedding Edition

My husband, Jon, and I recently celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary! We’ve learned so much in these wonderful years—including how to Dress our Truth!

Take a look at my wedding photos with me. What do you think of my dress that’s completely opposite of my edgy Type 3 movement?

The beautiful women of my 4 Types Beauty Panel join me (wearing their own version of wedding white) to answer the question: were we Dressing our Truth at our weddings?

Something old, something new…

Each of these women have some fun stories and tips to share, from planning to flowers to the cake and the dress. Watch the video to see photos of all of our wedding dresses…

What about your wedding? Were you Dressing Your Truth? Share a comment telling us what you loved about your wedding (and what you might do differently if you could do it over again).

Beauty Panel wedding dress photos

Here are our wedding dress photos we showed in the video, in order of Type:

Planning a wedding? Thinking about marriage?

If you want to get married in the future, how will Dressing Your Truth make a difference in the dress you choose and the way you prepare?

I’m inspired by the way Anne pulled off the perfect wedding, true to her subtle, elegant nature.

Check out this beautiful slideshow of Anne and Tanner’s Dressing Your Truth wedding.

What to do when the color isn’t your Type:

One last thing: Don’t you love how Marcy got creative when she needed to wear black to a wedding? I hope you caught that tip at the end of the video. Next time you’re in a wedding party with a specific dress code that’s not true to your Type, remember Marcy’s great idea!

(New to Dressing Your Truth? It’s easy to discover your Type of beauty. Click here to sign up for my Beauty Profiling video course that I’m giving away to 100,000 women for free!)

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Erin

    Gosh Carol, I loved your wedding dress. I totally would have worn that, but you are right, I am a T2 and it would have been perfect for me! I call my wedding dress the star trek dress. My T4 grandmother made it the way she wanted it. It is pure white, shiny, simple and fitted. I actually ended up finding a simple cream dress to wear to my reception that fit my T2 sensibilities much better, although I didn’t know I was a T2 at the time.

  • thinkfirst

    I’ve not heard that tradition before – the mother of the groom wearing black. Someone elaborate please.

    • Cassandra

      For brides who pick colors for their wedding-it is traditional for the mothers to wear dresses in those colors-Black is less common but it just happened in our family-my nephew and his wife picked black and lime green.

  • kathleen

    Carol, I thought you looked pretty and young in your wedding picture. You are too hard on yourself!

  • Mary Ellen

    How fun is this! Loved seeing the pictures. We were married in 1978 and I wore my grandmother’s (wedding 1905) beautiful champagne (slightly ages lol) silk satin dress which was very much the Gibson girl look. Gorgeous lace and satin, very comfortable, soft, beautiful. I wore a hat reminiscent of the era, but modern. Soft, a little droopy brim, soft tulle flowing behind that. And even my flowers were very T2, cascading bouquet of soft ivories, pink roses, and soft greens. If I had know about DYT I wouldn’t have made my poor T4 sister wear a soft green, definitely matching T2 design lines :-O as my Maid of Honor. Poor thing! She couldn’t get that dress and hat off fast enough! lol

  • Kathy

    This is GREAT! Love the information shared. What a gift for Anne and all of the attendants to be able to be “true” to themselves and totally enjoy the celebration with the bride and groom! Thank you for sharing!

  • Audrey

    Marcy probably wore black because the bride chose that as one of her reception colors and asked the mom’s to wear black. It’s not a tradition. 🙂

  • Courtney

    I think this is so fun I actually had a total T1 wedding even though I had no idea about this 10 years ago. My bridesmaids dresses were the T1 navy and my flowers were a giant mixture of all the T1 colors put together:) Thanks for sharing!

  • cindy the cottage chick

    How fun is this? My wedding was all over the place ’cause my T1 Mom planned it (shotgun wedding). Elements of everything there, and not a happy day for me.

    Fast forward 25 years, and I’ve done three of my kids’ weddings, and all pretty true to their types.

    Most recently, my T1 daughter married her T2 honey with a winter barn wedding. See pics here:

  • Angela

    Carol I understand not a type 3 look at all for your wedding but somehow… you look gorgeous!!!! Really you do.

    I wish the wedding photos were held a few seconds longer rather than cutting back so fast to the group.

  • Jackie

    Courtney, I woud love to see your bridesmaids dresses, and also your flowers! as I am a Type 1 also. (I was recently asked my favorite color – it’s “rainbow” – every color!) I’ve been married almost 40 years (yikes!) and was only a bit true to my type, in my wedding….but I agree, even tho you weren’t true to your type Carol, you were beautiful – don’t put yourself down! and yes, I wish the photo’s were held a bit longer on this video too – so I just went back and re-watched;-)

    • Adhis

      I recently was wondering if I truly was a Type 1 (when my “fun” sister found out she is a T4). You saying your favorite color was “rainbow” reminded me of playing Red Rover as a kid where, instead of calling names, we guessed the colors the other team’s members were thinking of. I remember being the last one on my team and the other players finally giving in and asking what color I was. They were confused when I said “rainbow”. [Another time, I said “clear” which I suppose was a tribute to my secondary Type 4 nature. :D]

      • Kami

        I’m getting married in October and as a Type 1/4 my colors are rainbow and white. SO many people tell me, “rainbow is not a color.” It IS if you’re a Type 1!!

        My fiance is Type 4/1 and we’re having so many adventures planning his desire for “simple and elegant” and my “colorful and casual carnival”! I am SO GRATEFUL I know our types and be respectful of his wishes without judgment. 🙂

  • Darla

    I DID dress my truth at my wedding! I made my dress and veil myself from a Vogue pattern I loved at first sight. It consisted of a slightly off-white satin-type underdress with an over-dress totally of lace with slightly gathered skirt and scallops down the front opening. The veil seemed a bit heavy and definitely downward-flowing because it was made of the same lace as the over-dress. Both of my parents did not like my veil, but for some reason, I just liked it and used it anyway though it was not really the style for veils at the time! (45 years ago! and by the way, I can still wear my wedding dress!)

  • Trish

    I got married 5 years ago before starting my DYT journey and actually my dress was pretty type 3! It had angles, texture, and it was actually two pieces which made it easier to take off easily for my wedding brunch. My colors were kind of exotic but had I known that peacock blue was the right blue then I would have done that instead of a sky blue. But my bridesmaids had simple skirts and shirts that matched with a side bun and flower in their hair. It was a good luck for everyone but my oldest sister who I think is a T4. She looked a little too youthful, and lacking in the regal dept. But she was a good sport anyway and whenever my other sisters get married it will be nice to have this information to help them.

  • Nancy

    Thanks for covering weddings! I officiate weddings and knowing how to dress my type so I fit into any wedding event and feel good in what I wear was so helpful!

  • Linda

    I had a mostly type 4 wedding. Though I am a type 2/4. Like Cheryl(sp?), I also didn’t want my parents to spend money on my wedding–decided to do it on my own, on a very small budget. So I found a very inexpensive basic white strapless “prom” dress and altered it a little because it had a flap at the neckline I didn’t like. I designed a lace shawl to attach to the dress, bought the material myself, and had my friend sew it for me. I also designed a short tulle veil and had another friend work on that one for me.
    My colors were black, white, and red. The center pieces and decor was very simple and elegant looking. But we used a lots of candles to give it a romantic ambience.
    My bridesmaids wore black, but the dresses were long and flowing. None of them liked the way they looked in those dresses unfortunately. Poor girls!
    I wore my hair straight with a half-up do. My make-up was smokey and I loved the way it looked–except for the enormous zit I got from all the stress. Ugh!
    Overall, there are a few things I would definitely do differently–definitely would’ve spent more money on a more elaborate and flowing dress, for one. And I would have chosen a different color scheme and had more choices for the bridesmaids.
    Anyway, thanks for posting on such a fun topic!

    • Linda

      Okay so now I’m wondering if I’m actually a type 4/2…

  • Cindy P

    I have been watching “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC lately, and kept finding myself wondering what the DYT crew did for their weddings and if it was true to Type. What perfect timing on your video!

    I agree on the length of time the pictures were shown – I paused the recording so I could take them in and then move on. I would even have liked to see more pictures of each wedding, this was really fun!

    My dress was true to T4 in design lines with sleek, elegant styling, but it was silk, so it was slightly creamy rather than stark white. Come to think of it, that’s because a mistake was made when they ordered it in silk rather than satin, which WOULD have been stark white. There wasn’t time to order a new one. I still loved it! 🙂

  • Renee Lisonbee

    I’m a T4 and for my wedding (though I didn’t know about DYT) I picked T4 red, orange and fuchsia as my colors. My dress was stark white and though it had a full skirt, the overall design lines were elegant and I chose to accessorize simply. I’d say my wedding was fairly true to my T4 nature. Only, my poor T1 husband rented a black tux, but he has a strong secondary 4, so, like Marcy, I thought he looked handsome.

  • Pamela

    Mine was the perfect T3 white and I looked radiant in those pictures and those pictures looked awesome. And the secondary in the dress, those elements had T4 qualities. It’s interesting how when I saw that dress, I said, “That’s me!” and it was even on sale for 80% off it’s original price. So my T3 nature came through in finding a really good deal, as well. And I was only 17.

  • Deborah

    I was lucky enough to already know my type when I got married this past January! I am a T2 with a secondary T1, and had my dress made for me by a couture seamstress. It was in a pale champagne-colored silk, in a long, draping 1930’s style with a deep cowl neckline and a deeper cowl drape in the back. It was so gorgeous and elegant, flowed like liguid when I walked, and had a train. I loved the dress so much that I didn’t want to cover it with a veil, so I wore a delicate woven wreath of silver twigs twined with velvet periwinkle flowers, and wore my long hair down, in soft winding curls. Many people told me I looked like a forest goddess:) And funnily enough, like Anne, I chose gradations of purple as the color for the wedding party as well, from lavender to eggplant. And my handsome T4 groom was very svelte in his simple black tux with silver silk vest and cravat! Wish I could post pictures!

  • Maridel Bowes

    It is so interesting that this topic came up because I have been reflecting on it! I was married 43 years ago and am amazed when I see how true-to-type my dress was. I chose it from a picture in a bridal magazine and my Mom replicated it — exactly. My Type 2 gown was “candlelight” white, had a full-length fitted lace over satin dress with a scoop neck … and a floor-length satin cape that trailed behind. Even big, soft satin bows on the shoulders of the cape. And my head dress was a cluster of soft, satin flowers. I still have the dress!
    So fun to see how in tune I was with my Type at the time!

  • Melissa

    I bought the first dress I tried on and the first veil I tried on which probably fit my 3/1 nature. It had a lot of T3 elements even though it was white. It was made of cotton which gave it a little texture, it had a deep V in front and a deeper one in back. The design of satin ribbon and lace on the skirt and sleeves formed V’s and the lace itself formed small V’s. Lots of angles. And it was in the 1980’s when shoulder pads were all the rage, so it had substantial shoulder pads which gave it a “dynamic” presence. If I had it to do over again I would have tea washed it. Otherwise it was perfect. I love to sew and decided to make my sister’s maid of honor dress and a dress for her daughter, my flower girl, as if I didn’t have enough to do planning the wedding! I made them both of the same fabric: a sky blue chintz with a pattern of red fire and ice roses. They carried blue baskets full of fire and ice roses, and wore wreaths in their hair of ivy, baby’s breath and fire and ice roses. It was all very pretty and bright and looked good on my T1 sister, but didn’t do quite as much for my T3 niece. She still looked adorable, a three year old can’t help but look adorable, but she would have looked better in her own colors. Maybe she would have felt better in her own colors, too, and wouldn’t have fallen down and spilled the roses everywhere on her way down the aisle!

    I’ve been meaning to transfer my photos into an archival quality album and this is nudging me to do it.

  • Kathy Anderson

    I designed and made my wedding dress 35 years ago long before I knew about profiling or colors or personality. To this day I still love my wedding dress. I do have issues though having been the mother of the groom 6 times. They never pick colors that I look good in and I wish I would have had more knowledge back then to be able to match the wedding and still be me.

  • Tiffany

    Love the suit Carol had on in the photo. That purple is great. Everyone was lovely.

  • Eliza

    My wedding was very type 4. I did not know about DYT at the time but true to my nature my wedding was high fashion and elegant. I had a mermaid style wedding dress and a tiny face veil. My colors were red black and white. The only thing I would have changed is the groom. Lol!

  • Sherilee

    Interesting. 🙂 I was quite surprised myself after discovering the Types, to look back at my wedding and say WOW, it was very type 1! Especially what I chose to wear, including the circle boquet. I think that my secondary T2 came out also. Thanks to my mum for helping me by making my dress just how I wanted it. 🙂

  • Julie

    I did dress my truth at my wedding- for the most part. I am a type 3. I actually wore my grandmothers wedding dress, and it was like a cream color because of age, and it had a v neck with buttons down the front, and a v cut out in the sleaves which were 3/4 lenght. And I think my hair was as type 3 as it could get with how long and silky it was. It was done up very curly, but it was put up and had lots of texture. The only think I wish now is that my wedding ring was type 3. I think the style is ok, but it is white gold. I’m thinking it’s time to save up some money and move the diamond to a different ring. Thanks for this it was fun!

  • Serin

    I don’t know if my dress could be considered Type 1 because it did have a good sized train (that was bustled for everything but pictures, so I guess that’s upward motion). It was very sparkly and to this day I LOVE it! I would love it if there was a DYT wedding dress gallery!

  • Julie

    Sheryl looks amazing! I’ve only seen her in black + color. This outfit is stunning on her.

    I didn’t know that Anne married Marcy’s son! How fun. I love what Anne did for bridesmaids. What a great idea!

    I totally did not dress my truth for my wedding. I picked a very type 2 Jessica McClintock dress, but I’m a type 1. ‘Course I didn’t know that at the time!

    I’d love to see a follow-up on this with more info on weddings for each type….dresses, reception decor, etc. That would be really fun.


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  • Mariah

    I personally designed my dress and oversaw every step of the way,. I had oyster satin and chiffon, with an under dress that was suitable for evening wear afterward and a corset type over lay bodice with sleeves that did up at the back with tiny multitudes of buttons. Yes the buttons were round. The sleeves were ballooned and pulled in with medium length oyster satin cuff with tiny buttons on them and the bodice was embroidered with scrolled features and roses with ribbons and the leaves were of satin bound and edged and placed in the “garden” at the top of the bodice. I still love my dress and it has been featured on a few catwalks for bridal fashion days. My headpiece was made by myself with creamy organza and an old head pieces pearls and embellishments pulled apart and re done as a I wanted them. All in all it looked like something that Maid Marion would have worn with a twist. Very beautiful then & still now in my mind (15 years ago)


  • Marcy Cooper

    Totally off subject…but Marcy where did you get your skirt?! I absolutely adore and love it!

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  • Lauren Ceallaigh

    I think everyone of you looked beautiful in your dresses! True to your nature or not, you looked happy.

    @Julie I didn’t know that Anne married Marcy’s son either!

  • Heather Hawkins Beard

    Type 3 (secondary 1) – without knowing my ‘type’ I still managed to incorporate some of my true nature in my wedding last year. A deep orange was my primary color (gray as an accent) because I have always loved those fall/autumn oranges. My hair was up and angled because I always thought that style fit me best. The dress had a Victorian/queen Anne neck…I think that’s what it’s called: square neck with collar that stands up. The body of the dress was textured by an angled rouching that gathered to one side with a lot of texture in the back. I LOVED my dress. If I did it over though, knowing what I know now, I would have chosen a more off-white color for the dress and I would have incorporated more autumn colors. Kind of a toss-up though on dress color since it’s kind of tradition to wear a white dress… I still love what I did for my wedding though and don’t regret a bit of it. I’m just moving forward now with the knowledge I have to really live my truth now!

  • Gillian Wackowski

    I didnt know about DYT but managed to do type 3 anyway! wore an eggplant purple A line skirted dress =)

  • Nancy Niemi

    I did actually choose a type 2 wedding dress , i got married in 1988 and “gunne sax” dresses were very popular, Jessica mcintock was a designer at the time bringing back the “prarrie “look , whihc i loved , but my dress was also ‘champagne’ and had a lot of details to the sleeves , and my headress was a circle of champagne pearls and dripped down on my forhead and my hair was all curly and wavy , it was layered , and my wonderful type 3 husband wore a creamy beige tux , i love our wedding photo , my folks for our first wedding anniversary gave us an antigue frame whihc is just exquistite with all the details they used to put in frames. unfortuanately my wedding dressa nd headress was stolen from our home and all i have are my shoes and my photos and my memories , it makes me sad ,

  • Robin Taylor Delargy

    I’ve married twice and both times I unknowingly chose Type 1 dresses. This first (1988) was white satin with a scoop neck, puffy sleeves and pearl trim, no lace, worn with a cute matching little hat with a very uplifted poof of veil at the back and a drift down the back. Pink, blue, lavender bridesmaids dresses and groomsman’s cummerbunds, type 1 colors. Cute and sassy. We married in a field with my family’s horses watching over the fence.

    Second wedding (2000) I wore a handmade dress in gold brocade with a random sprinkling of green/gold leaves, sleeveless, scoop neck and a very full long skirt with lots of tulle underneath and cut out fabric leaves pinned in my hair… and the grubby leather wristwatch I forgot to take off. 😀

  • Vikki Nay

    So funny looking at your wedding dress, mine was almost the same exact dress. But being a T2 I think it was more my type. Then when I married for the second time in my 40s I couldn’t find anything at all that was my type and wound up with a T4 suit. I didn’t wish to do all the cutesy things for a 2nd wedding and I wanted a nice white suit, but mine was too white and too structured. I never felt comfortable in it at all, even though it was very elegant.

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  • Stacy Quast

    What happened to this video? It is gone….I would really love to see it, as I just discovered Dressing your Truth and just got engaged. Please assist.

  • Stacy Quast

    What happened to this video? It is gone….I would really love to see it, as I just discovered Dressing your Truth and just got engaged. Please assist.