From "Cute" to "Watch Out!!" – Dressing Your Truth Before & After

What lines did you put on when you got dressed today?

Do you like what they’re doing? Are they supporting your true beauty?

There are so many design line choices: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, straight lines, angles, and curves. And you can find options in so many places: necklines, sleeves, collars, pockets, or belts. Every pleat, dart, or seam is an opportunity for you to express your natural movement and bring out your true beauty. Even the lines of your hair style can make a difference.

Today’s Dressing Your Truth Before and After shows how important design lines can be. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Look at the lines that this beautiful woman is wearing in her hair cut, jacket, and jewelry. How do the lines in her After picture better support the natural lines of her face, her eyes, and her smile? What do you think of her makeover? Share your positive comments.

type 3

Design line is just 1 of 5 simple fashion keys you have at your fingertips when you’re Dressing Your Truth.

This Type 3 rich, dynamic woman is wearing lines that work best for her. Not every woman looks good in clothes that are angled and egdy. But every woman looks amazing in the design lines that are right for her Type of beauty.

How has changing the lines you wore helped you? I would love to hear how something as simple as knowing which design lines support you has changed your experience in the dressing room. Please share a comment with your story.

If you haven’t started Dressing Your Truth, take the first step and discover your personal Beauty Profile. When you know your Beauty Profile, you will better understand your natural beauty. Once you know your Type, become a Dressing Your Truth member and gain the tools to honor your unique beauty with every line you wear.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Jessica

    Wow. Her new hairstyle and overall look makes her look younger! I notice the crow’s feet in the first picture although her hairstyle is more the cute and common look. In the second picture her eyes really shine and her smile looks more natural too. This is what I love about the Before & After pictures here. The women seem more relaxed and natural in their 2nd pictures… I can tell they are not faking it because the way their facial muscles present themselves are at ease. She looks slimmer too in the 2nd look, and if I were to do business, I’d definitely prefer to go with the 2nd presentation, unless I knew the person for many years. 🙂 Thanks!

  • http://aol Vicki Mowery

    Lines, angles, shapes–all need to be considered when choosing what to wear. I LOVE how Dressing Your Truth takes so much into consideration, not just color and what’s trendy, but truly what makes each type beautiful. Thank you <3

  • Tia

    What an incredibly amazing transformation. She looks much more slender and joyful in the second photograph, and you can literally feel her confidence brimming over. Kudos for helping another woman realize her full potential.

  • Michelle Manning-Kogler

    So gorgeous! Can’t wait for my own make-over!

  • Melissa

    Wow! She was attractive in the first photo, not someone you’d think would even “need” a makeover. But she’s so vibrant in the second photo it’s like her energy and magnetism quadrupled. To me she looks like a 3/1 and I like how the beaded necklace honors what I see as her secondary. Great makeover!

  • helen

    as a 3 do you always have to wear a jacket?

    • Carol

      Not at all! But we do look pretty hot in them! Thanks for your question- The “real” Carol Tuttle is posting this!

  • Evie

    I think she looks fabulous! Design lines are very important.
    I wasn’t going to get “Dressing Your Truth” because I already new I was a type 4. I finally decided to get it, because I’m tired of not just buying the wrong clothes but wasting my time sewing,knitting or crocheting the wrong styles and colors. I’ve really only been safe with black and white. I bought 3 tops at the beginning of the year. I have yet to wear one because of the style and maybe color. It’s cute and looks OK but is too puffy in some of the features. I guess that means too much movement. Now I know why I have never liked knit pant and why I have hardly ever worn some things in my closet. Thank you Carol. Design lines are very important.

  • Rabbi Wendy

    Wow! Her facial lines seem so much less pronounced in the After photo. She is already an attractive woman, but her beauty is taken to a whole new height. The shirt in the Before photo really accentuates her bust, so much that her face is diminished. Really great to see this T3 makeover. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachel Ramey

    I’m chuckling here, noticing the turned-up collar that someone asked about in the question you addressed on one of your videos.