We Have A Winner! The Dressing Your Truth Do-it-Yourself Makeover Contest Winners Have Been Chosen!

We are excited to announce our $1,000 Grand Prize Dressing Your Truth do-it-yourself makeover contest winner and the 4 Runners-Up for each Type of Beauty.

The voting was close and so many of you expressed how much you loved watching and hearing from the 9 finalists as they shared their stories and before and after photo’s with you in their videos.  Many of you felt like I did, it was hard to choose your favorite!

We are excited for our Grand Prize winner, we feel she represents and expresses the power Dressing Your Truth has to deeply connect a woman with her sense of self and her Type of beauty and then teach her the skills to be her own beauty expert

The $1,000 Grand Prize Winner Is:

Charlotte Siems! – Type 3 , Oklahoma

I have never met Charlotte, (although I hope to someday!)  She learned to Dress Her Truth all through our online learning portal!  Charlotte also recently lost 112 lbs!  What an awesome gift to give herself- the truth about her beauty and the skills to dress her beauty.  Congratulations Charlotte! You have won our first ever Dressing Your Truth Do-it-Yourself Makeover contest and the Grand Prize of $500 Cash and $500 to our Dressing Your Truth Online Store!

Runner’s-Up From For Each Type of Beauty

Each of these women are our finalists for each Type and will each receive $250 to our Dressing Your Truth Online Store

Type 1 Runner-Up goes to:

A Bright Animated Woman:  Kelli Dougal

Kelli is from Utah and was introduced to Dressing Your Truth from her mom!  She was so impressed with her mom’s makeover, she decided she wanted to know the truth about her beauty early in her life!  Kelli recently competed in the Miss Utah pageant.  Although she did not win the title, remember Kelli you don’t need a title to make a difference in this world, which you already have by sharing your story with us!

Type 2 Runner-Up goes to:

A Subtle, Soft Woman: Helen Kepo’o

Helen is from Utah and is a young mother that knows how easy it is to overlook yourself when you are raising a family.  She has not only discovered her Type of Beauty, but she is a great example to other young mom’s to invest in themselves, because she knows that investment pays off in being a better mom and wife!  Each of Helen’s young children and her husband all Dress Their Truth!

Type 3 Runner-Up goes to:

A Rich, Dynamic Woman: Anne Bonnefin

Anne is from Australia, and like our Grand Prize Winner, I have never met her, she learned how to Dress Her Truth completely through our online learning portal.  She is an artist who loves color!  She lost touch with that when it came to expressing her Type of beauty and resorted to wearing a lot of black, like so many women do.  She shows us how much a woman’s beauty comes a live  when she learns the 5 Elements of Dressing Her Truth and how to apply them to her Type of Beauty.

Type 4 Runner-Up goes to:

A Bold, Striking Woman: Jennifer Justis

Jennifer is from Idaho and also learned to Dress Her Truth completely from our online portal.  She is a school teacher that just didn’t invest much in her appearance.  Her before and after’s are shocking!  She shows us how so many women are hiding their true beauty with the wrong hairstyles and clothes and what can happen when she adorns herself with the right movement on her body.  She truly shows us how “stunning” every woman can be when the learn to Dress Their Truth!

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • Lucy

    congratulations to all!!

  • Linda Berry

    Congratulations to the winners….AND to all the finalist…AND to all the participants!

    You All ROCK!

    Warm Aloha,

  • Vicky Clark

    I read dressing your truth and watched the on line instruction for it which I purchased. I have listened to your radio programs on dressing your truth. I still can’t figure it out, maybe I am a mix, a mut. I relate to all four types. Sometimes I think I’m one because I have a lot of energy and never stop. Then two because I can’t decide on a dominate type. I do try to calm people and help them but I have little patience for details. Then not so much three but I am an organizer and I can make things happen. Then four because I have a quiet, emotional, side. My wardrobe has lots of black, brown, gray, navy, burgandy, whites and red. I tried a light green with a black and white dress once and it did look pretty good. I am very confused about dressing your truth. How do I figure this one out? Vicky Clark

    • Carol

      I’ve said it 500 times and I’ll say it again, when you think you are all Types you are most likely a Type 1 because you adapt to be all Types and lose yourselves in the process. I looked at your FB photo and your facial features confirm you are a Type 1. What you wrote is the classic Type 1 story that we hear over, and over, and over, and over, that I have responded to on this blog many, many times. If I seem a little harsh here, it’s because it would really serve Type 1’s to spend a little more time going through the blog and notice that I have shared this a lot. So if your are reading this and this is your story, you are probably a Type 1! Believe it and LIVE IT!! (You don’t need me to look at your picture to confirm it either!!!) Okay, I’ve gotten that off my chest! – Vicky we would love to have you come a play with us as you learn to Dress Your Truth, you deserve it, give it to yourself, yu will be so glad you did, love you lots!! Carol

  • Kori

    Congratulations to all who entered the Dressing Your Truth makeover contest. I didn’t, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the entrants’/finalists tapes. It is awesome to see women identify for themselves a way to live more true to their own individual natures. Fantastic job, ladies! Hey…how ’bout the guys taking a turn?…Kori

  • Yvonne Magee

    Dressing Your Truth can be such a wonderful part of finding ourselves and learning to love ourselves in the life journey! I am learning a lot about not only my own type, but the other three as well, and I can’t help ‘typing’ people as I walk down the street! I will turn 60 in January, and I’m feeling very different about that than I had been feeling, thanks to Dressing Your Truth. I am learning that staying fit and healthy, beauty and loving myself are not about age. Thanks to all who created videos for us to enjoy – thanks for sharing your lives and your challenges and transformation with us! Charlotte, you are an inspiration, and I hope you have an absolute ball with your prize! You go, girllllll! Yvonne Magee, type 1 newbie

  • Susie

    Wow and Congrats to Charlotte! I’m so happy to see the grand prize winner is a bit older. I mean, you expect young women to look like hotties dressing their truth (congratulations to you all) but seeing a woman over 35 as a hottie, well, that’s pretty cool!

    I appreciated that Charlotte’s ‘after’ closet is so colorful, too. As a ‘3’ myself, I’ve been leaning toward darker colors. Seeing Charlotte’s closet was an A-ha! for me.

    Young woman who are dressing their truth may not appreciate what’s it’s like to get older and never have found your ‘style’. Seeing so many beautiful older women, dressing their truth, is just a real treat.

    Super contest and a great learning experience to boot.


  • Donna

    Congratulations to the winners and to Carol and her ‘peeps 🙂

    I do wish the music on the videos wasn’t so loud, I had a very hard time hearing what was being said by the winners.

    Best wishes


  • Monica

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for your entry. I LOVED it! I cried (in private) as I watched it! It was like watching myself on video but in a differnt body! I just kept thinking how much I could relate to everything you were saying, your body language, the pushing down of emotion, etc. It is most difficult as a Type 4 to allow yourself to be put on display. I am sooo glad you did. Thank you!

  • Rhonda

    CONGRATS to all!

    Thanks Carol & Co for offering the opportunity.

    I thought everyone did such a good job.
    Just the fact that they did a video is fantastic.
    It was very difficult to vote for only one winner.

    We are all winners if you are DYT!

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