Warning: This Makeover Will Blow You Away

Deborah’s Before and After pictures just blow me away. Stunning, Type 4 makeovers usually do.

It’s because Type 4 women in my Beauty Profiling system naturally express a bold, striking quality of beauty. It sometimes goes into hiding behind clothes or a hairstyle that just doesn’t work.

But when you honor and highlight that natural beauty with the right lines and colors? Truly stunning.

Dressing Your Truth brings Deborah’s natural beauty to the surface, rather than hiding it. Doesn’t she look amazing? Her new hairstyle has the perfect lines for her precise nature. And those saturated colors next to her face do wonders for her skin.

She’s a truly stunning woman, inside and out. And I think her makeover really shows that off.

Doesn’t Deborah just amaze you? Please share a positive comment about her makeover.

Deborah Dressing Your Truth Type 4 Before and After

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Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  1. WOW!

  2. Shazamm! The second photo looks like the daughter of the first one!

  3. WOW! She looks at least 10 years younger.

  4. Mary Ellen says:

    Wow! What a beautiful, striking woman! Deborah looks absolutely beautiful. And there’s a new strength and command to her presence. Seeing her, one would assume ‘here is a beautiful woman who is intelligent and knows what she’s doing.’ Awesome.

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    And Confident! Look at how beautifully confident she looks!

  6. Stunning makeover. I love her new T4 look.

  7. Wow! Looking at the before and after, the after looks like she could be the before’s daughter. Really an amazing make-over – you look fantastic.

  8. Wow! I love the bold colors on her. And her hair suits her so well!

  9. Wow! This is a truly fabulous before and after! Deborah’s before looks good and I probably wouldn’t have thought that she needed a major change to bring out her features, but man… what a difference the after is! Just changing the hair cut, hair color, clothing colors, and fit of her garment made a HUGE difference.

    It looks as if she were trying to pull off a Type 2, comfortable look in the before pic. The Type 4 pic is a lot more dynamic and makes her appear more professional and pulled together!

    I’m hoping for this same type of transformation! I’m still struggling with which one of the 4 types I would be!

  10. WOW! I agree — this looks like a mother-daughter shoot! She looks amazing… so relaxed, polished, commanding! Unbelievable these before and afters are!!!

  11. It looks like a mother/daughter combination! She looks like a new, younger
    woman! Amazing.

  12. Carolyn DeLucia says:

    She looks so beautiful, Healthy !!

  13. If there was ever a catalyst needed to do my own makeover this is it! She looks at least 15 years younger and so comfortable in her own skin. And happy! She is beautiful.

  14. Love Love Love! She is absolutely stunning!
    What a difference having the right, cut & color make!
    And oh my, she looks so alive with that color making her
    face just glow! WOW

  15. Oh my goodness! She looks so chic, much younger and put together! Wow, great makeover!

  16. Deborah your eyes truly sparkle! Thanks for sharing this transformation.

  17. Excellent change, great hair cut and color, younger look!

  18. She looks younger, happier and much less stressed…I love these before and after pictures!!!!

  19. Carolyn Mason says:

    She looks good before, but after she looks gorgeous!

  20. So beautiful! I think she looks 20 years younger. From drab to fabulous.

  21. Renee Benefield says:

    What?!!!!!!! That is not the same person!!! She looks amazing and 20 years younger!!! I’d better go back and read my books again~:) Awesome!!!

  22. Elizabeth O'Day says:

    What joy to see Deborahs true nature revealed! She clearly is a type 4, and the power of her beauty is stunning!

  23. What a stunning difference! WOW was my first thought.

  24. Christine Jensen says:

    I feel so light and happy myself to see changes like this in others. Congratulations Deborah! You must feel absolutely amazing!

  25. She looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! Beautiful….;)

  26. Stunning!! Deborah is beautiful before but she is radiant in her after photo. And she looks younger and more vibrant. Good for you, Deborah!!

  27. I’m speechless! She looks absolutely stunning.

  28. Wow- she looks *at least* 10 years younger!!! Great makeover!

  29. Dian Barnhart says:

    Are you sure they are the same woman? How beautiful she is.

  30. Deborah, welcome to DYT! You are so beautiful!

  31. I’m speechless! Wow!

  32. Wow! That is amazing! Just see how she GLOWS after the makeover! : )
    I love it!

  33. Beautiful, just beautiful!!

  34. Incredible!!! She looks awesome!!

  35. This is the best one yet! Wow, wow, wow! Some people are saying it looks like a mother and her daughter. I’m thinking it looks more like an attractive grandmother next to her gorgeous granddaughter. Hard to believe it’s the same person. I wouldn’t have guessed she was a type 4 in the before photo, but based on the results I’d say you nailed it. Enjoy your second youth!

  36. This can’t be the same woman. She is amazing looking!!

  37. Beyond Fabulous!!!!

  38. Fabulous! What an amazing difference.

  39. Wow! Thanks everyone for your kind comments. Thanks especially to Carol and the DYT team for creating a program that has changed my life!

  40. Deborah you look fabulous! You are going to find yourself saying as you look in the mirror from now on, “There I am!” What a gift – Thanks Carol!

  41. Deborah, you are so stunning, clear and vibrant! Thanks for this great makeover. I too would not have guessed you are T4. Enjoy your striking beauty!

  42. You can feel the vibrancy in the makeover person. All the great type four qualities come out, in a way that is very magnetic! Great job! Beautiful woman of strength!

  43. 20 years younger.

  44. Deborah, you look 15 years younger and like a totally different person! You look so elegant now! AMAZING!

  45. Wow, wish I could come out looking that good, I sure need it LOL

  46. Wendyree says:

    Wow! It gives me incentive to stick to my #4 criteria when I’m tempted to buy something that’s cute, but not quite a 4. What a transformation!

  47. Wow! Almost unbelieveable. Thank you for sharing.

  48. Doesn’t that just motivate you to share this with all of your friends? There are so many people who could use the incredible shift in their confidence and self esteem. The reality is now this woman is sharing with the rest of us just how beautiful she really is. It’s amazing how her inner beauty is shining through unobstructed. I’m really impressed!

  49. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful.

  50. A striking, beautiful woman emerges. well done to the artists and congratualtions to Deborah for your willingness to change.
    (But I do love the jacket in the before photo!)

  51. It’s all already been said – but beautiful transformation.
    I think I’m a T2 and I’ve been depressed about that. I can’t imagine such a transformation.
    So happy for you, Deborah.

  52. And there it is. Deborah’s astonishing ‘reflected outer beauty’ coming to the fore when she honors her inner beauty and truth.
    You are gorgeous Deborah.

  53. I can’t believe how much younger she looks! As a type 4 myself, I find these photos extremely inspiring. Lovely, lovely lady.

  54. I had to take a second and even a third look. I didn’t believe it was the same person. Makes me wonder if that’s what happened when I dressed as a type 4 before (and I’m a type 1).

  55. karen c says:

    People are now going to ask you if you are Deborah’s daughter.

  56. dotbinmo says:

    oh wow…stunning says it, for sure! makes one want to be a 4

  57. Brenda Lee Howes says:

    Wow, the pictures look like mother and daughter….way to get that inner beauty. Love it.

  58. Rachel Lamb says:


  59. Christine Garrott says:

    Wow, Deborah…what a striking change! It’s amazing how just a few simple changes can have such a dramatic effect. Kudos to you for having the courage to seek out your true beauty :-)

  60. Bonnie Dahlin Schober says:

    From exhausted looking to vivid and happy

  61. I think her hair really fits her perfectly! So polished! She looks amazing.

  62. Oh my goodness! Can’t believe it’s the same woman. She is beautiful in the first photo but stunning in the second.

  63. Susanne says:

    Fabulous transformation looks like a different woman!

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