Want a Better Life? Learn How to Reframe Your Birth

newborn babyAre you ready to live in an energy of grace, abundance, and joy today?

There is an old energy and a new energy. The old energy patterns involve struggle, pain, blame, resentment, and anger.

The new energy patterns involve love, abundance and prosperity for everyone, learning through joy and ease, humility, charity, gratitude and appreciation.

If you are an adult right now, you were most likely born into the old energy pattern.

Birth into the old energy pattern leaves an imprint in your life of pain and struggle.

Most people are walking around with thoughts and behavior patterns directly related to their birth experience. So, in a client’s first energy clearing session with me, I take them through a birth clearing (like I did with Scott, last week—did you see it?).

We live in a time when we can easily and effortlessly clear away the old energies, beliefs and patterns, and function completely in our new energy.

Clearing your birth energy is one of THE most important steps in your emotional healing.

So, how do release the old limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck, and move toward happiness?

Get Started With a Simple Statement

Here is a simple statement that will shift your vibration

“Birth is easy. Living is easy.”

We started this life in an experience of struggle for one purpose….to see if we could overcome it! Too many people have accepted pain and suffering as a life condition and as the nature of spiritual advancement.

I’d like to share with you a very powerful tool that can change the energy of your entire life.

Reframe Your Birth (and Your Life!) With This Visualization

Visualization is a powerful way to reframe your birth—because your mind doesn’t know the difference between the real and the imagined.

I’ve put together this particular visualization to help you reframe the energy of your birth. So find a quiet place, turn up your speakers or put in your headphones, maybe put on some soothing music, and get ready to reframe your entire life experience in just 10 minutes. Listen in…

Reframe Your Birth Audio Imagery
To Download MP3 file:
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How do you feel now? Free? Relieved? Leave a comment and tell me how this visualization has changed your energy.

Reframe your birth regularly until you feel yourself living consistently in the new energy. Use the audio version above or the entire visualization script I’ve included below.

You are a gift! Believe it and feel it by reframing your birth. Live in the light every day!

God Bless You,
Carol Tuttle

PS. Use this visualization script just like the audio version to reframe your birth:

Imagine yourself standing in the light. You can choose any setting to bring your baby self in to the world. Where would you choose? (pause).

Go there and be in that setting. Notice the details of this beautiful place. Feel the temperature, how warm it feels, feel the light falling down on you, see the beauty of this place, smell the fragrance in the air, hear the sound of this safe place. Notice the surface beneath your feet and take in this beautiful safe place with all your senses.

Who would you like to invite to this wonderful occasion? This is the day your original self is coming into the world, so you will want to invite all the people who are special to you. (pause)

Invite Heavenly Father, Mother, God, Christ, Angels, Guides, Family members, children, spouses, living and deceased, anyone who has played a part for you, etc.

Invite your mother to come in, she is pregnant with you. You notice a something about her; she is full of light an understanding.

She comes up to you and looks you in the eyes and just for this moment you realize that she knows who you are and acknowledges your great worth. She is grateful you chose her to play the role of your earthly mother.

Your father enters the space. You notice something about him; he is full of light and understanding. He comes up to you and looks you in the eyes and just for this moment let yourself receive the great love he has for you. He feels humble and grateful that he could be your father here on Earth and apologizes that it has taken him so long to see who you really are.

Mom is made comfortable in a place prepared for her to give birth to you. There is no need for doctors or equipment, because this time you are going to be born free of any pain or problems. You are the one to birth bring yourself in to this world. So, with Heavenly Mother by your side you are ready to receive your baby self with loving arms. Mom gives a gentle push gracefully at just the right time and you are born into the world in your safe place.

Gather up baby (name) and cradle him/her in your arms. Wrap this little one in a blanket of love (imagine the blanket in whatever color represents love). Look into this little ones eyes and feel the bonding taking place as you tell him/her of your love and acceptance.

Notice the power, glory, and innocence in your original self. Thank this baby for choosing to come into the world and share your gifts.

You are glad he/she is here. (pause)

Walk around your safe place and show this little one to all that are there. Everyone acknowledges the great love they have for you.

You are welcomed and thanked by all those who are present. Thank everyone for coming. Let your infant self stay in the love and light with you and your Heavenly parents to care for him/her. Thank your parents for the role they have played for you and release them to their healing angels to take them to their safe place.

Bring the energy of this whole and healed infant self into present time by placing the energy of the infant in one palm and the energy of the birth in the other. Balance the energy until it feels comfortable. Breathe deeply 3 times and open your eyes.

PPS. Regular support is an important key to your emotional healing. I have created several resources to help you clear your old energy patterns and live freely in the new, joyful energy patterns of your truest self. I recommend two of my best resources for more help in reframing your birth energy:

  • Read chapter 9 in “Remembering Wholeness” titled, “Birth Leaves an Imprint that Starts Our Life as a Struggle.” Read the whole book to start thriving in every part of your life.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • D.D.

    Incredibly beautiful visualization Carol. So powerful. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Adrienne

    Wow, Carol. I can’t believe how much emotion this brought up for me… Thank you for the new awareness.

  • Gio


    I really really thank you for this. this was awsome! I looked so cute in the love blanket.
    I feel so much love towards “me” after this.

    I cannot thank you enough!

  • Barb

    I will have to do this a few times before the new energy surrounds me. My mom died when I was 11 so when you asked us to invite others in it was very difficult to share as I felt they would make fun of me or reject the idea. How interesting on a soul level to feel this. I’m very emotional but also realize how powerful this will be moving forward. I’m ready to release all this old patterning after I experienced this today.
    Thank you Carol!!

  • willow wood

    Hi Carol! ~ this was amazing!! It brought up some deep, deep, “stuff” in me, which I was able to clear by crying! (Who knew?? LOL!) This isn’t the first time I’ve had a healing whilst listening to you- you, my dear, are amazing!!!
    My question is- I have a twin brother (fraturnal)… should I include him in the process? Do I need to get his permission? Thank you SO MUCH for everything !!! ~ Willow

  • Cj

    I can’t beleive I felt something. I don’t try these things because there is too much junk in my mind to let go. I have problems holding the image, but with time I may be able to imagine it better. I felt a little spark of peace and love. I want more. I will keep trying. Thnak you.

  • N.S

    Wow this was absolutely fabulous!thank you so much!

  • Althea

    That was amazing! I felt so much energy moving and couldn’t stop crying. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Nora Waata

    Thankyou Carole it was beautiful. I had been adopted out at three weeks old and my sisters said mum cried for months because she had given me away. In those days your word was your bond and just to get my adopted mother off her back as she kept asking mum for the next baby mum said yes alright. I came back to my natural parents after my adopted parents died. Mum went to court to fight to have me back, as the relatives of my adoptive parents wanted me also. Mum and Dad won. However I had never bonded with mum as she had 2 more babies by then and I had been thoroughly spoilt by my adopted parents. Mum and Dad had 12 children so had to be very firm with me which as a child I thought she didn’t love me. This has been so wonderful for me Carole as the love I felt when mum and dad appeared I had to cry. Thankyou for the help but I’ll have to visualize a better place to be born next time. hehe.

  • Jenny

    Thank you universe and thank you Carol. Perfect timing for the inner child issues that I have been working with. Bless you for the work that you do, and the healing that you send. Love and Light.

  • change your thinking change your life

    This is really fascinating, You’re an excessively professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for in search of more of your excellent post. Also, I’ve shared your website in my social networks

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  • Stacey

    This surprised me – such a simple clearing but the peaceful, gently bouyant joy I feel when I finish sticks with me throughout the day. Generally being an optimistic person, I never recognized the heaviness that weighted my thoughts as unnatural. I haven’t really put a conscious finger on why this has worked so well for me, I just know that it has! Thank you for sharing this, Carol.

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  • Megan

    How could I do this for my own child? She is three. Thanks.

    • LYT Customer Support

      Hello Megan, thank you for the question and your interest. You can learn more about this in Carol’s book, ‘Remembering Wholeness’ and her CD Clearing the Programs We Take on at Birth” available at

  • Davina

    Hello Carol, I was on your radio show yesterday at the very end. You suggested that I do a birth clearing for my 8 year old daughter. Do I just have her listen to the audio? On her own? With me in the room with her? Thanks do much!

  • MJ

    Thank you for sharing the re-birthing video. It has helped me so much. I became a ward of the state at 24 months, rescued from an abusive situation and adopted into a sometimes alcoholic family. I have been aware of needing to re-program many issues related to this early time. After doing the work tonight I feel lighter and brighter. I am in my 60’s so have been carrying this around for awhile. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU SHARE!

  • ruis2002

    Thank you for the “reframe your birth” audio. I should have been a C-section, but wasn’t, and the doctor who delivered me had to use forceps to get me out. I ordered a copy of my birth certificate from the hospital a few years ago, and I noticed that the doctor had written a note that my upper lip had been injured in the delivery and they “fixed” it. I didn’t realize before that time that I had suffered a birth injury/trauma. I also had colic for several months. I have always felt that the things in life that seem to come easily for others I can only do with difficulty, or not at all (i.e. satisfaction in work, relationships, discovering my purpose, etc.). I’m ready to stop being Sisyphus, forever pushing the same boulder up the same hill without results. 🙂

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