Are You a TYPE 4/1 Woman Who Thinks She’s a TYPE 2?

Anne and I are grateful when these Energy Profiling experiences come to light so we can sort them out here on the blog so everyone has a more full awareness about their Energy Type.

See how this misinterpretation can happen—how the thought processes can look similar and why even their piles happen, but for a different reason!

Where the confusion comes in

Anne and I have encountered this pattern of women coming to us for “Confirm Your Type” sessions who are clearly dominant TYPE 4SM Energy (with Secondary TYPE 1SM Energy) who mis-assess themselves as a dominant TYPE 2SM Energy.

We’ve discussed before how people with TYPE 1/4 and 1/4 Energy can mistake their nature for TYPE 3SM Energy. And we’ve also covered why some women mistakenly identify themselves as TYPE 2 Energy.

But today’s video is even more specific—and we have a brave volunteer with us to share her story with you.

Watch the video and find out how this TYPE 4/1 Energy combination can sometimes be misinterpreted (by yourself or others) as TYPE 2 Energy.

What helped you know your Energy Type? Share your comments about your experience below. 

Let your intuition be your guide

When assessing your dominant Energy Type, your intuition needs to have the decision making power—not your analytical, logical mind, or the opinions of well-meaning family and friends.

Amy’s story in the video shows you why it’s really important to tune into your intuition in this process of determining your Energy Type.

Her gut instinct was right on about her dominant TYPE 4 Energy. But as many TYPE 4 people do, she let her analytical mind take over. If that happens to you, that can sometimes steer them in the wrong direction when your thinking is not grounded in your intuition.

How to determine your Energy Type/Type of beauty.

Visit the Steps to Determine Your Type of Beauty on our Dressing Your Truth website.

**Update:  Since the filming of this video, I no longer offer one-on-one Confirm Your Type sessions nor do I take photo submissions. Instead, I have created Confirm Your Type Instructional Videos to support you in knowing your Energy Type with 100% confidence. Access the Confirm Your Type resource here.

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

Tell Us What You Think

  • Mary Ellen Eckels

    These videos are so very helpful. Amy you are such a beautiful, stunning woman. I’m so happy you found ‘home’. Carol and Anne – you are both such amazing blessings in all of our lives. Thank you.

  • Rachele

    Thank you thank you Carol, Ann, and Amy! This video on Type 4/1 who think they are Type 2 was quite helpful for me to understand my type. The video of 4/1s who think they are a 3 was good too, but how I express myself led more to this video. I couldn’t quite understand how I too, mumble at times, make piles, late (always!), focus and then shoot off random thoughts, etc. Now it all makes sense–my sneaky Type 1 was the culprit. I felt it was a bad thing, but now can see how great this energy type can be and I am able to manage it in a productive way. Thank you! Coincidently, I can also understand my 7 year old daughter even more–she’s a 1/4.

    • Diana Clifft-Bramblett

      Rachele, I was going to say the same things … the piles, the losing keys, and the details. I hate details unless I’m researching then I just can’t get enough. You said it all so wonderfully! I am full of possibilities and I really don’t care if any of them get done unless I have a personal reason to see it happen, because I can make some stuff happen when I want …lol. I lied as a two for almost three years (always with doubt). I too knew I was a 4, even before I read the book, and then I worked very hard to deny it because of my upbringing. I have to change my picture soon to a type 4. I just figured this all out a week ago. Today my eyes sparkle and I am feeling taller, more in my skin and alive.

  • Elizabeth

    Also a 4/1 who thought for sure I was a two. Great video and very helpful. This was perfect Carol and Anne.

  • Elizabeth

    P.S. Perfectly done Amy, you are stunning! Love the whole look on you!

  • Natalie

    This was helpful to understand 4/1 energy better. I’m a type 4/2 and one of the most validating parts in this for me was to hear Carol talk about how type 4s have a lot of activity going on in their minds. That describes me so well! I was glad to hear this because I used to think something might be wrong with me because other people around me didn’t seem to be doing as much thinking and trying to figure things out. I am always thinking about many things daily and constantly researching different information that will be helpful to me in my life. When I was growing up my father used to tell me to “get out of your head” a lot because I always seemed to have a lot going on in my mind and it made him a little concerned. But with my secondary type 2 energy, a lot of those thoughts were of me worrying about things a lot too. Yet, at the same time, my type 4 would take it a step further and I would try to think about how to solve my problems, not just worry about them.

  • Kathryn

    Amy is just gorgeous!!

  • KathrynT3/1

    Carol and Anne, you are both very wise and I love the work you do and I enjoy all your videos!

  • Sophia

    Watching this video has been so helpful to me. I know I am a 4, that is totally clear to me, I love the black and white, and classic look plus like to put a twist of fun into things. For a while I thought I was a 4/2 but came to understand I am a 4/1. This video helps me comprehend how it the 4/1 looks like a 2.

    Question: 4’s need to let their hair down from time to time and remember to have FUN!

    How can the 1 who seems to trip me up at times, but turned into a more compatible energy with 4????

  • Nora

    I really enjoyed listening to this interview because I am also a Type 4/1 who thought I was a Type 2. I am sure it had a lot to do with how I was raised. When a team member (Yay, Calista!) put me with the Type 4’s, I instantly felt an energy shift. It was a profound moment in my life. . . Much love and gratitude to Carol, her family and all who are involved with Dressing Your Truth.

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport
  • Emily

    This is very helpful. When I first read the book, I thought I was a T1/2. Eventually I went to the DYT store, and Carol decided I was a 2, but she also saw a lot of 4 in me. I had never seen the 4. I denied it for a long time. This video has helped me gain a lot of insight into my 4. Type 4 is definitely dominant in my family. My dad, my sister, and my brother are all 4s. My mom and my other sister are 3s. Recently I’ve acknowledged my T4. I’ve been trying to decide whether I’m a 2/1 or a 2/4. Now I’m not sure what I am.

  • Crystal

    I would love if Amy added to the comments which type 2 traits that she identified with and how she figured out it was really the 4. At about 6:18-6:50 where she is “put on the spot.” hint hint:)

  • deb

    I have typed myself as a 2, but this post sort of shook my confidence… After some serious contemplation, I’m still pretty certain that I am a type 2.The thought of the type 4 clothing makes me super uncomfortable (there’s my hint right there). As I was meditating (and not able to shut off my thoughts), I wondered if a type 2/1 also sometimes mimics a type 4? Although I have many perfectionistic tendencies, I feel like my secondary may be a type 1 because my thoughts and actions are SO scattered. With the downward energy of a 2 and the upward energy of a 1 pulling against each other, I was thinking that you would end up with still energy, which is a 4. What do you think?

    • Jared Wadman

      My name is Jared and I’m a type 2/1 man. The biggest indicator to me is how I feel everything. I’ll even say ‘let me feel about that’. The perfectionist part could be due to paying attention to details? I’m pretty random and people told me they thought I was a 4/1 or 1/4. I also deal with being hyper sensitive to taste, sound, smell , touch. The type 4 clothing drowns me out. I look very pale in them. Do you connect with asking questions or do you have sensitive skin? I have type 2 sensitive skin and as a parent I lead with is it safe or comfortable. I’m new to dressing your truth. I appreciate your comment. Thanks.

  • Anoa

    This is so true. I immediately identify with Amy’s experience. I am a 4/1 as well and I have often been told I was a “push over” or soft hearted, I guess that is the t1 in me that is light, not soft. I too mumble, and feel like I am slow coming to answer questions. I love the fact you can give yourself permission to be you, tell others you need more time to process and know you are loving and honoring yourself by requiring that.

    Thank you so much for this video, it is part of a missing link for my judging and critiquing mind. I often felt, slow, stupid, weak. But now I see that those label are incorrect. I am bold, striking, at times light, random and animated,

  • Amy Baldwin

    I’m a 4/1 and as far as piles go, I make piles to be put away. I have a few piles of things in my office that I’ll get to, eventually, because they’re not high priority, and if I put them away I’ll forget about them. But generally the piles purpose is to categorize items and then put them away where they belong. That is always how I taught my children to clean up their rooms. With some it worked, with some it did not. 🙂

  • jan

    after watching this video I think I might be a 4/1instead of 2.I will read the book again

  • Samantha Lee

    hello does anyone know is there a post showing a type 4/1 next to a type 1/4? but couldn’t find one for this combination. thank you

  • Chris

    Is there a video on the blog for a 4/3 or a 3/4? Type 3 doesn’t feel completely wrong, but I’m off-track if I don’t start my day with writing, reflecting, yoga…but then in the middle of the day, I’d prefer to be very active physically and cross lots of things of a To Do list (which feels like a Type 3)…and then, as night falls, I want to pour a glass of wine and reflect on what’s happened during the day. Originally thought I might be a dominant 4 but my features are not even and “brights” (pure black, white, orange, etc.) are awful next to my ruddy skin. I look better in the Type 3 palette of colors, but I feel like an imposter when I try to wear exotic, studded, animal print clothing. Can you be a dominant three, with a high-enough level of secondary 4-ness that you don’t look good in prints? Wearing the Type 3 palette but in a way that honors a secondary 4?

  • LiveYourTruthCustomerSupport

    Hi Chris! Here is another post that might help you a bit –

  • Aimee

    Wow, I love this blog post! I am a 4/1 and can totally connect with what Amy said about her experience as a 4/1. I love how Anne described the way that type 4/1’s think. I totally am on a track of thinking about something and then my type 1 likes to jump in and pull my thoughts somewhere else and then I get back on track. In this way I can totally jump around in my head and still stay on track. I have a lot of type 4 energy in my home and so when Carol talked about the type 1 bringing in lightness that is totally me. Because of my type 4/1 nature I have this lightness to my type 4 energy that no one else that is a type 4 has in my home, so I have always brought that lightness to things. When I was introduced to DYT I knew right away that I was a type 4 but it took me about two years to decide I was a type 4/1. When I did decide that I was a 4/1 it explained so much and why I am different then the rest of the type 4’s in my family! Thanks Amy for having the courage to share her experience with us! Also I noticed has a type 4/1 when I am doing tasks around the house, I tend to stay on track then bounce off to do something else only to return to that previous task, my mind just bounces off and back onto the track of my life! I love being a type 4/1!

  • Shirley

    thank you for this programme, it is amazing to know how much difference one can feel in being oneself, and it is amazing how the reaction to being in the discovery mode was so similiar, i have always loved the type 4 clothing/style, but been intimidated by it, coming to accept that i can really wear some of those items has been a wake up call. thankyou so much for bringing this programme to us. I am still not certain about my secondary type, but that can be a further discovery. for later. cheers shirley.

  • Suzanne

    I see myself as a dominant type 2 – even I still have some doubts and questions, the fact that i have this tendency to make my decision by how i feel about things rather than with logic. I think i must have some strong 1 and 4 in me because i find it difficult to finish what i start and when something bothers me i have to figure it out as to why and what the causes are and how to make it better or fix it. All these things make me confused about who i am..:P

    • Carla

      Same thing goes for me. I totally agree with you that it can become confusing. My first instict was I am a type 2, the low, soft, fliud and flowing energy, told to “hurry up!” a lot when I was a kid. At the same time,now that I grew up, i developed a secondary type 1 which makes me more light, outgoing, fun and bright. Although, depending on the situation for example when I’m at a school/work setting, my perfectionistic ad thoroughness comes out. Watching the video about 4/1 energy and how it can look like a type 2, makes me question if I’m really a type 2. Because it seems it is possible to mistype yourself as a 2 when really we might be 4/1. Those are the questions I struggle with. Listening to Kalista being a type 4/1, I relate with planning my to-do list for the whole week, then I try to focus doing them but somehow I always get distracted and not following through to what I’ve planned. And so my entire week is completely off track to what I’ve planned to do. This just makes me more confuse if I’m really a primary 2 or a 4? Although I am more comfortable saying I am a type 2/1 because I am more slow and relaxed (a type 2 quality), and adaptable, light and happy ( a type 1 quality) in social situations.

  • Cynthia

    Oh my word I feel like I made a discovery I thought I was a secondary 2 but really I’m a secondary 4 with domanate 1 or the other way around. But watching this video makes perfect sense to me now.