The 4 Types Beauty Panel Share Their Favorite Marriage Tips!

What’s that little thing that bugs you every time he does it?

That thing you always ask her not to do, but she does anyway?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the little reasons to pick at your spouse just went away? That’s why the 4 Types Beauty Panel is here today.

It starts with knowing this one thing

To get rid of the pesky little problems and resentments that can build up over the course of a marriage, you need to understand one thing: WHY your spouse does what he or she does.

Often, we don’t consider why we do what we do. But when you know your Energy Type,* those inner motivations become clear.

Knowing your partner’s Type adds another level of understanding to your marriage that you couldn’t have otherwise. The 4 Types Beauty Panel is here to talk about what and how to create harmony with your Type of spouse:

Which tip will you try? What would you add? Please share a comment.

Your marriage doesn’t have strengths and weaknesses

It’s not a matter of weakness. Your marriage has strengths and challenges.

Rise to meet those challenges, understand them, work through them together, and your marriage will be stronger than it ever was.

*Don’t know your Energy Type? (Or not sure how it would help your marriage?)

Knowing your Energy Type gives you insight into your deep inner motivations and the way you naturally connect with the world. Know this about your spouse and you’ll understand more than most people do about their marriages.

Start learning about your Energy Type and your spouse’s today!

Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a teacher, speaker, healer, and best-selling author of five books. She has dedicated her life to helping people worldwide create the lives and relationships they desire. She blogs to support you in creating your ideal life.

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  • April Bickel

    This was awesome! Great tips! Thanks everyone!

  • Holly

    That was very good. As a type one I agree that I get very caught up in all the other types. I try to communicate with my husband in every type just to see if I can get him to respond. Ugh! not fun. I also forget to add in the FUN parts of life. I need to ask the universe to assist me in bring this out in myself (again?)

  • Tiffany

    Cheryl, love seeing your hair off your face so we can see all the beautiful you! And good point about saying the positive as much as we can. And, ‘it doesn’t matter’ can help a lot.

    Marcy, good point about the husbands not appreciating things not getting done that I promised to do!

    Anne, this helps me understand that I need to pull back on my pushiness when my husband is in the middle of something. I need to give him time to come out of what he is concentrating on.

    • Sheryl

      Thanks Tiffany!

  • Pamela

    This was GOOD. I am married to a closed off 2/3, and it is a real challenge. I’ve not heard responses from Carol about a closed off 2 and tapping suggestions, and I would welcome that very much.

    I enjoyed this very much as the same principles apply to our children as well. Thank you very much!

    • Carol

      Dear Pamela, I recommend you do the clearings for “I Don’t Like My Type” at The Carol Tuttle Healing Center, in proxy for your spouse, do the “Clearing My Childhood Issues” session also. You can get a membership at

  • Cindy

    Fan-freakin-tastic topic! I am positive my husband is a T2, but he MUST have more 3 in him than I realized, because he is so all about the Saturday morning cleaning! And he is much more active than I am – I’m a T4/2. Like Sarah, he cannot relax until everything is clean and beautiful. Whereas I’m more like, “Just let me rest a little while, and then I will feel more like tackling the cleaning!” We haven’t found our happy medium on that yet. 🙂

    And Cheryl, your tips for 4s and those married to them are PERFECT! I’m excited to show this to my husband! 🙂

    Oh and thank you Anne – I did take note of those tips, and will work to give my T2 husband some connection time, when he’s ready for it…

  • Claudia

    Wow what a great video actually the whole relationship series is wonderful but this one just sums it all up!!
    It actually helped me even more profoundly since I can see the tendencies of our secondary types as well!!! And how to react with them! I am a T2/4 and my husband a T3/1!! Mt T/2 is somewhat a quiet nature but I have that keen eye of my secondary T/4 that affects me to expect more from my spouse! you can actually benefit more from these gals than you think!
    Hope that wasn’t too confusing lol
    Thank you so much to all 5 of you!!
    Wonderful work truly a life changing experience!!!!


  • Elle

    Would you please share some tips on Type 1- Type 4 combo? Thanks!

  • jackie

    Thanks for this topic! Good ideas to use connecting to adult children as well.

  • alex

    i mean type one male type two woman