Craving Sweets While Trying to Lose Weight? You Need to Watch This.

“I love how simple this is!”

That’s what Jeni said to me when she learned how easy it is to end her pattern of emotional eating when she’s upset.

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to take this same simple inspired action to support yourself, too!

And—get this—there’s absolutely NO restriction or extreme willpower involved! (Can I get three cheers for that?)

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How to Reach a Healthy Weight This Year By Resetting Your Appetite

Did you set a goal to reach a healthy weight this year?

Maybe set new years resolution to make some changes and get in shape?

Yeah, I used to do that, too.

But then I decided to do this new practice that supports my body in maintaining a healthy weight…and also checking in to see what’s really creating my appetite.

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The Science of Holiday Weight Gain

Christmas dinnerA lot of people will choose to overeat this holiday weekend. But you don’t have to be one of them!

Yes, you can set your intentions. Yes, you can listen to your body.

But have you considered the science of overeating? I think this pretty interesting…

Serotonin is the key.

Serotonin is one of your body’s “feel-good” hormones. Balanced levels of serotonin in your system help you feel confident and relaxed. [Read more...]

6 Simple Gifts of Holiday Peace

Christmas-giftsI want you to experience peace and joy this holiday season.

As you make your plans and get ready for holiday celebrations, consider the true gifts you can give. Try giving these 6 simple gifts to your family and friends all season long…

1. Choose to be happy rather than right!

That is the greatest gift you can give your family—to be a happy person. Your children will remember how they feel during the holiday season more than they will remember which items they receive.

You will help your family experience peace and joy this holiday when you value happiness over parties or presents. [Read more...]

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain – 5 Tips You Haven’t Tried Yet

During this holiday season, the average person will gain 10 pounds. So many people believe this is normal that they overeat year after year. But you can avoid holiday overeating so you don’t gain a single pound!

I put together 5 practical tips for you that will make all the difference.

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