This Woman ‘Released’ 17 Pounds in 8 weeks By Letting Go of This One Belief

A few weeks ago I shared with you Jeni’s story of her struggle with emotional eating and how to end the cycle of going to sweets when she’s upset.

She really took her healing to heart!

In just a few weeks she’s already lost—I mean, “released”—17 pounds!

Watch the video and see why she says “It’s been easy!”

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3 Words to Cut From Your Vocabulary If You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Are you finding it hard to lose weight or even shed a few extra pounds to get fit?

I used to struggle with my body until I made this simple change to my vocabulary.

Once I woke up to the fact that these 3 small words (that so many women say!) had enough power to sabotage my health goals, I cut them out completely!

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Craving Sweets While Trying to Lose Weight? You Need to Watch This.

“I love how simple this is!”

That’s what Jeni said to me when she learned how easy it is to end her pattern of emotional eating when she’s upset.

By the end of this video, you’ll be able to take this same simple inspired action to support yourself, too!

And—get this—there’s absolutely NO restriction or extreme willpower involved! (Can I get three cheers for that?)

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How to Reach a Healthy Weight This Year By Resetting Your Appetite

Did you set a goal to reach a healthy weight this year?

Maybe set new years resolution to make some changes and get in shape?

Yeah, I used to do that, too.

But then I decided to do this new practice that supports my body in maintaining a healthy weight…and also checking in to see what’s really creating my appetite.

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Weight Won’t Budge? The Belief I’ve Never Talked About Before

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything to release that excess weight?

If you’re at a loss about why your weight just won’t budge despite your best efforts, you’ve arrived in the right place.

In this video we expose at an overlooked reason that keeps your weight on—one that I’ve never covered on this blog before. [Read more…]