What to Wear When the Dress Code is Black

I received a great question from one of our Dressing Your Truth club members: What about funerals?

If you’re Dressing Your Truth and you’re a Type 1, 2, or 3, you avoid black clothes completely. Do you wear black to a funeral anyway? Don’t you?

This question extends beyond funerals. Your work uniform may be black. Or you need a certain dress code at a concert or special event.

Anne and I have some ideas of what you can do.

Watch the video to hear some alternatives and tips to keep you from looking silly, washed out, or old. [Read more…]

Why Women Everywhere Have Stopped Wearing Black

Women everywhere have stopped wearing black. And if you’re Dressing Your Truth, you may be one of them.

But if you’ve recently heard about Dressing Your Truth, you might have felt a little shocked when you heard a friend or family member say she got rid of all her black clothes.

What? Give Up Black?

Women seem more attached to black than any other color in their wardrobe. If I told you that pink’s not your color—or yellow, or orange—you might be open to the idea. But black?

Yes. Black.

And I think that idea doesn’t freak women out because black makes them look and feel amazing. It’s because they’ve invested in it.

You’ve spent money on black (what percentage of black fills your closet? 20, 30, 60%?). And you’ve spent time wearing it—because black seems like a safe standby whenever you’re in doubt of what to wear. [Read more…]