What Does Your Closet Say About You? Peek Into Megan's Closet!

It’s been so fun to peek inside so many closets lately. And here we are at closet #4.

Type 4 movement in my Beauty Profiling system is all about balance and symmetry. Megan—one of our bold, striking, Type 4 friends—will show you what that looks like in her closet.

She’ll show you how she organizes different kinds of clothing, why she keeps certain clothes in separate spaces, and how she keeps track of her accessories.

(To hear the next level of organization, listen to how our shipping manager, Eimile, organizes.)

I really love the tip for Type 4’s that Megan and I share at the end of the video. It will help you honor your gifts and make more efficient choices on where to spend your time and energy.

So watch the video and take a peek in Megan’s closet… [Read more…]

A Peek Into Carol Tuttle's Closet!

As the founder and creator of Dressing Your Truth, I can tell you that I love every item in my closet!

Nothing ever goes unused. And every item makes me feel amazing. It would be great if every woman in the world felt that way about her wardrobe!

Take a look inside my closet

Before you watch this video, what do you imagine my closet looks like? How is it organized?

Even though I’m a rich, dynamic woman in my Beauty Profiling system, I might not organize my closet like a typical Type 3. You Type 3 readers should tell me if I’m right. [Read more…]

What Does Your Closet Say About You? Peek Into Michelle's Closet

Did you know you express your true beauty, even in your closet space?

Last week, we looked inside Jaleah’s closet. And today, we’re taking a peek inside another one.

Type 2 Beauty Expert, Michelle, joins me with pictures of her closet. Plus, she’ll share some closet tips and ideas for you subtle, soft beauties in my Beauty Profiling System.

When you watch the video, you’ll discover…

  • How a Type 2’s priorities show up in Michelle’s closet. (Do they show up in yours?)
  • What to do with all the Type 2 piles in your wardrobe!
  • Some true-to-your-nature closet organization ideas from Michelle.

And more. Take a look in Michelle’s closet and tell me what you think… [Read more…]

How to Put Together an Amazing Outfit – Tips for Your Type

Ever looked at your closet and wished an amazing ensemble would appear?

It can! My 4 Types Beauty Panel joins me with great tips to help you know how to put an outfit together, easy.

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