20 Tips for Working Harmoniously With These 4 Types of People

Enjoy this guest post by Jenny Collins, my blog manager and content director at Live Your Truth. 

Ever experience a conflict with someone you’ve worked with?

Oh good, I’m not alone!

No matter what kind of work we do in the world, we all interact with a variety of people—and most of the time it is with people who usually think and act differently from us. (And that’s a good thing! Even if it doesn’t always feel like it at the time.)

But the upside is that conflict shows up in our lives as a teacher.

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate workplace conflict as an invitation both to learn more about myself and those I work with—and to be more open to growth.

For me, that growth accelerated once I began to understand these 4 Types of people—and discovering which one I was, too.)

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Dressing Your Truth’s 4th Annual Best Dressed True-To-Type at the Oscars 2015

Here it is! The 4th annual Dressing Your Truth “Best Dressed True-to-Their-Type” Awards!

Each year we select several women who express the 4 Types of beauty and honor the celebrities who are dressing their truth on the red carpet at the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony.

But unlike most “Best or Worst ” fashion commentaries out there, our list focuses only on the positive by honoring the celebrities who are dressed in alignment with their natures!

Who knows, maybe they are ones you noticed looked particularly amazing, too!

See who made our list this year.

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Meet My Mini-Me, Now 2 Years Old!

Proud grandma alert!

Really, what’s the point of having a blog if I can’t brag on my grandchildren once in awhile, right?

My only granddaughter, Katie Claire, just turned 2 years old this month.

She’s a lot like me, in many ways actually. (You’ll find out why in the video.)

Katie’s growing up and living her truth in a big way as a 2-year-old!

Watch the video and you’ll find out more.

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How This Common Communication Killer Damages Your Relationships

My daughter Anne and I recently had an a-ha moment in our relationship and our communication with one another.

And we’re excited to share this insight with you today so you and your relationships can benefit, too!

Watch the video to hear our story and our theory on how this common and overused communication killer (that every person experiences) first came into being!

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Menstrual Cycles, Infertility and Menopause [For Best Results, Watch With Chocolate]

You may want to go grab a piece of your favorite chocolate while you watch this episode of the 4 Types Beauty Panel.

And those of you prone to tears (you know who you are—and we love you for it!) might want to have a tissue handy.

We’ve heard your requests to talk about this topic of menstrual cycles, infertility and menopause.

So get ready to laugh and cry—and nod your head along with us—as we share our personal stories—and some helpful, heart-to-heart tips.

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