Are a Few Small Details Keeping You From Loving the Way You Look?

What if a few small changes could completely transform the way you feel about yourself and your style?

Understanding and accepting key details about your natural expression are the first steps toward discovering your true self!

Laura learned a lot about herself and her unique Type of beauty with the Dressing Your Truth online course.

Now her wardrobe outwardly expresses her inner beauty, she is honoring her unique natural gifts, and she’s loving what a difference this has made in her life! [Read more...]

Feeling Lucky? Enter to Win This 3-Piece Bundle of New Accessories!

Do you need some new accessories to take your style up a notch?

This month I’m giving away an accessories set from the Dressing Your Truth store.

One lucky winner will get to choose the necklace, earrings and bracelet bundle of her choice!

Enter to win this month’s giveaway and you might get to take home a pot o’ gold (or silver) accessories!

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New Mystery Woman Takes on the 4 Types Challenge!

In previous episodes of the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Challenge, only the Dressing Your Truth Beauty Experts participated, trying on outfits of all 4 Types of Beauty and sharing their experience.

This time around, someone new is brave enough to take on the 4 Types Challenge!

But there’s a catch: She won’t reveal her Type of beauty to you until the end…

Who is this mystery woman? Watch and see… [Read more...]

Enter to Win One of These Handpicked Handbags! – February Giveaway

OK ladies: Who wants to win a new handbag?

This month, I’m giving away one of our brand new handbags in the Dressing Your Truth online store. One lucky reader will win—getting to choose which one of these four handbags she’d like to have!

See these handbags up close and find out how you can enter the giveaway multiple ways below.

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See How Her Personal Style Connects With Who She Is – Dressing Your Truth Makeover

How would you describe your style?

Can you pinpoint a couple of words that truly fit? Or are you all over the place with your style, lost in the gigantic and crazy world of fashion?

Knowing just what to incorporate into your own personal style can be an empowering experience!

Jana fashioned her own personal style based on her Type of beauty. See her beautiful transformation and what words she now uses to describe her style!

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