Carol Tuttle's Better Parenting Show: How to Live More True to Your Type of Power!

Due to travel, I will not host a live radio show today. Please enjoy this previously recorded show from the archive—and join me live again on May 29th!

How to Live More True to Your Type of Power

Each of the 4 Types naturally expresses a certain Type and quality of power. And this show will help you live more true to yours.

Plus, follow along with me to open your throat chakra, so you can speak your truth more effortlessly!

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It’s Time to Start Getting Your Family’s Respect

Everyone in your family deserves respect… including you!

If you’re not feeling respect from certain members of your family, it’s time to look at how much you feel your voice is heard.

I’d like you to meet Sean. He and his wife came to me for support with their blended family and its unique challenges. As a Type 4 in my Energy Profiling system, Sean highly values his family’s respect. But he doesn’t feel respected when his input is ignored in important family decisions. [Read more…]

Mini-Healing Session with Carol: How The King’s Speech Helps You Know Just What to Say!

You might not stutter like King George VI. But I’ll bet you’ve wished sometimes that you knew exactly what to say. The King’s Speech can teach us a little something about how to do that.

Maybe you’ve heard that opening your throat chakra can help you say the right thing at the right time.

But that doesn’t mean that you will shout exactly what you think the second you think it. You need to open your throat chakra in a way that honors your true nature.

Join me as I lead Jimmy through this mini-healing session. Jimmy is a Type 2—a soft, subtle Type, liable to retreat when he feels pressured to share his opinion too loudly or quickly. Watch how these simple exercises open his throat chakra in a way that helps him express his true voice!

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