Meet My Mini-Me, Now 2 Years Old!

Proud grandma alert!

Really, what’s the point of having a blog if I can’t brag on my grandchildren once in awhile, right?

My only granddaughter, Katie Claire, just turned 2 years old this month.

She’s a lot like me, in many ways actually. (You’ll find out why in the video.)

Katie’s growing up and living her truth in a big way as a 2-year-old!

Watch the video and you’ll find out more.

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How I Am Defying The Aging Process By Challenging This Common Belief

There’s a common belief that as women age, age takes its toll on your appearance and you can’t help but look older.

Find out how I’m personally defying that notion—and how you can too, by honoring your beauty sixth sense.

Plus, see a photo of me from about 25 years ago!

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Most Parents Are Too Scared to Say This Out Loud

I’ve met many parents (mostly moms) who’ve admitted to me that they silently live with a nagging guilt from thinking this:

My children feel like a burden.”

Believe me, even really good mothers and fathers can think this from time to time.

But most are too scared to say it aloud.

I want to help you let go of the guilt. But first we need to let go of the deeper belief that drives it.

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What We Can Learn About Religious Abuse from the Tragic Death of Hana Williams

This tragic story really got to me. As a mom. As a grandmother. And as a human being.

When I read the news, I thought “This is crazy! How is it that there are still parents who do horrible things like this today?!”

If you heard the story, I’m sure you felt the same.

(If you haven’t heard it, I’ll sum it up: A young teenage girl, Hana Williams, died two years ago from physical abuse at the hands of her adoptive parents’  violently harsh parenting methods taught in the controversial religious book, To Train Up a Child. Hana’s parents Larry and Carri Williams were just recently sentenced to several decades in prison for her death.)

But in our shock, let’s not forget to look at the other side of this tragedy, too.

Extreme cases like this can help push us to talk about a real and difficult subject: the dangers of how an extreme religious culture can wound children—and creates wounded adults.

Because our healing can only start by first facing it for what it is.

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How Energy Healing Can Help You Heal From Hair Pulling

Ever get so stressed out that you feel like you could pull your hair out?

Well, some people actually do.

It’s a compulsive disorder called trichotillomania, or hair pulling. It’s painful, both physically and emotionally—because they can’t seem to stop it, no matter how hard they try.

In this brave healing session video, find out how to heal the underlying emotions that cause some people to pull out their own hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.

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