Wonder Why You Keep Getting Sick and Stressed Out? The Answer May Surprise You!

Have you been feeling stressed out and overwhelmed lately?

Keep getting sick or experiencing a lot of struggle in your life?

You might be surprised to find out, like Chelsey was, why you keep having particular problems show up.

Try this simple technique you can do to change the pattern!

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Improve Your Health By Changing This One Belief About Stress

Feeling stressed lately?

New research shows that stress might actually be a good thing for you!

How? Watch this excellent TEDtalk from a Health Psychologist and find out the one thing you can to not be stressed out by stress—and how to actually make stress your friend.

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A Stress-Reducing Energy Technique You Can Do In Public

When you’re alone, you can use a whole spectrum of energy techniques to calm stressful energy.

But what if you’re with people?

Most people feel comfortable using the tapping exercises I teach when they can leave a stressful situation and go to another room. But in a group of people, tapping might feel intrusive.

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No-Stress Holiday Party Planning Tips For Every Type of Person

Planning a holiday party?

Cut down on your stress this season with these easy party planning tips.

Each of the 4 Energy Types in the Energy Profiling system has their own gifts and challenges when it comes to planning and throwing a party.

Once you know your tendencies, you can manage them so your holiday parties are fun and stress free!

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How to Spend Less and Make it Your Most Memorable Holiday Season Yet!

Every year millions of people  fall into the same trap. Overspending, getting stressed out and obsessing about presents, family gatherings, shopping and all the other trappings that go with the holiday season

I say enough is enough! Instead of turning the holidays into a nightmare, let me show you how you can make some easy changes that will result in the best (and cheapest) season you’ve had in years.

Focus on traditions and family experiences this year.

Gather your family together early in December for a family meeting. Brainstorm with your family the traditions of the past that you have experienced together. List them on a large piece of paper for all to see.

Next brainstorm traditions you  have not experienced yet, but think you would like to. Everyone gets a say, do not discuss anything at this point, just make the list.

Now that you have a list of too many things to do for traditions, go through and let everyone cast a vote for five traditions that they would  like to experience. The top five vote-getters are the ones to experience this year.

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