What To Do When You Struggle Being a Stay At Home Mom

When I was a young mom, I had 4 children under the age of 6! While I loved my children, I was also frustrated and unsatisfied as a stay at home mom.

I felt very guilty about this because at that point, I had no awareness of my true nature and how to support myself in my role as a mother.

I thought I was a bad mother. I felt ashamed for not being the kind of mother I thought I should be.

I now know I wasn’t alone.

That’s why I’m grateful for Lindsi Jo’s courage to speak up. This mini-healing session is sure to inspire you to clear your false beliefs about motherhood—and begin create the mom role you want for yourself.

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How to Manifest More Money (Even For a Stay-at-Home Mom!)

You’ve heard me talk about manifesting money before. But what if you’re a stay-at-home mom? How do you flow more money into your life if you’re at home with the kids?

I’ve received this question several times throughout the years, and I want to ask you two vital questions to help you start to really bring the money in. [Read more…]