New Tips to Spring Clean Your Life—Inside and Out

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean tidying up your house.

The seasons are shifting, winter is backing away and spring is bringing forth new life.

At this time, most of us are feeling that urge to let go whatever is holding us down.

Let’s embrace this energetically cleansing time together!

Find out from the women on my 4 Types Beauty Panel how each of them does “spring cleaning” in their own way. See if you’re spring cleaning true to your Energy Type!

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Win This 7-Piece Makeup Kit – Dressing Your Truth April Giveaway

April is a great time for spring cleaning just about anything. Including your makeup! Freshen up your look with some new colors.

This month we’re giving away a 7-piece Beauty Basics Makeup kit. One lucky winner will get to choose the colors she wants to take home. Enter today!

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7 Unusual Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

It’s spring! Here in Utah, I’m grateful for the warmer weather after winter. And I’m sure many of us are feeling spring fever.

To get the full benefit of this spring season, here are 7 tips to help you spring clean these areas of your life (and not just your house).

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Super Spring Makeover! Dressing Your Truth Before and After

Spring is on the way!

What are you holding onto that you no longer need to? Let go of it and move into this season of newness.

To help you out, I’ve got a fun makeover (and a challenge) to share with you.

Sara has let go of her old look and embraced a new one that makes her look fresh and springy. Her new style is true to her naturally buoyant nature. Doesn’t her face look bright and cheery? I think she looks ready to celebrate a fun spring day. I love it! [Read more…]