2 Surprising Reasons Your Spouse is Unemployed

If you’ve ever experienced unemployment, you know it can feel like a crisis.

Today, we’re going to clear away the frustration and hangups, so you can live abundantly.

Meet Lindsey. A fellow Type 3, she has a lot going on…

Three kids under the age of three. A husband who has experienced on and off unemployment. Her family has lived in a state of recurring crisis. It’s been a challenge, that’s for sure!

When Lindsey came to me for help with her husband’s pattern of unemployment, we found some interesting things. She’s made a lot of breakthroughs and this video will show you the two limiting beliefs she needed to reframe:

  • The way her own energy affects her spouse.
  • One big block that kept her stuck in a cycle of crisis.

Watch the video to reframe your own beliefs and set yourself free from unemployment or crisis… [Read more…]