How to End Compulsive Spending (Without Feeling Restricted)

When compulsive spending issues start to control your life, it’s a signal that your relationship with money needs some attention.

There can be many different core motivations for compulsive spending.In fact, the real issue isn’t even about money. Because binge spending is like binge eating—there’s always an emotional drive behind it.

Find out how you can create a healthy pattern with spending and why giving yourself an ultimatum to “stop spending” only makes the problem continue.

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Why You Shouldn't Worry How Other People Spend Their Money

Money is just money. But there’s a surprising amount of emotion, belief, and judgment surrounding people who have a lot of it.  Did you know that your judgment of wealthy people can actually give money power over your life that it doesn’t deserve and that keeps you stuck?

Take Back Your Power From Money

I’d like you to meet Katie. She’s a bold woman with clear values. And she’s held some powerful beliefs about wealthy people and what she thinks they should do with their money.

If she continued to hold on to her negative judgments (which she won’t…you’ll see), they would actually prevent her from becoming financially abundant herself! I’m so grateful Katie’s been so open and authentic on camera, so that her experience can help us all.

If you want to be financially abundant, you can be! But you may need to clear some limiting beliefs about money and its power out of your way. Watch the video to see what I mean: [Read more…]

Spending Money: Why it Freaks You Out

If you’ve ever felt anxious, guilty, or fearful about spending money… this post is for you.

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