Why the World is Getting Better… Not Worse

In a time when people talk about the end of the world, and the news tells us that everything’s getting worse all the time, I’ve got a perfect reason for you to stop worrying.

In fact, I have a whole book full of reasons.

Peter Diamandis wrote a book all about abundance. In fact, that’s the name of the book: Abundance.

I recently watched Peter’s TED talk that gives a peek at his amazing vision of what’s possible for the world and humanity. I recommend that you watch it right now.

Listen to him share stories of amazing abundance all over the world and open your eyes to the joy that’s possible in your future… [Read more…]

3 Traps That Keep You From What You Want

Not manifesting what you want? You might be getting in your own way.

Allow more of what you want to show up! See if you fall into one of these 3 traps…

1. You have the “have-to-have-it” feeling.

Feeling like you have to manifest something is a sign that you’re afraid it won’t show up. Your fear gets in the way of your belief.

Let go of fear. Let go of your anxiety that it won’t happen. The less you worry, the easier you can allow. Take time every day to identify your dominant intentions, free of worrying about how and when they will show up for you. [Read more…]

3 Reasons You’re Still Not Thriving (Part #3)

For the past two weeks, I’ve shared some big reasons why you might not be thriving.

Reason #1: You are holding on to emotional baggage.

Reason #2: You keep focusing on what you don’t want. [Read more…]

Take Charge of Your Weaknesses… And Turn Them Into Strengths!

If you ever feel bad about yourself, look at the real reason you feel down…

You’re probably judging your natural tendencies as weaknesses!

Why Your Weaknesses Are Actually Strengths

All 4 Types in my Beauty Profiling system express a natural movement in their personality and behavior. If you honor those tendencies, they will become strengths. If you mismanage them, you might think of them as weaknesses.

I’ve invited the amazing women on my 4 Types Beauty Panel to share some great examples.

In this video, each woman on my panel talks about their own natural tendencies (that they once saw as weaknesses!)—and how they honored them as gifts and talents.

I bet you’ll relate to some of their challenges! [Read more…]

Look Better, Be Happier! The One Thing That Really Works

What if one trick could help you look better and be happier at the same time?

If you’ve already discovered what Jan did, then you know the secret. And you’ll love her story.

And if you haven’t, well, it’s time to find out.

Jan was hiding her true nature from herself and the world for most of her life. But she rediscovered her true feminine nature—and the discovery has been liberating! She is happier than she has ever been! (And doesn’t she look amazing?) [Read more…]