Negative Labels We Give Our Children: Rebellious

How do you help a rebellious child?

You’ll find all sorts of parenting advice for how to get a child to behave. But you need to get to the root of a child’s rebellion. Consider the possibility that the negative labels you give your children might actually create the rebellion you want to prevent.

What Negative Labels Actually Do

Think of the negative labels you grew up with.

Were you ever called hyperactive, shy, bossy, or controlling? What did those negative labels do for you? They certainly didn’t honor the real you. In fact, labels like that often confine us, suggesting we are not enough and need to fix something about ourselves.

Labeling children often gives them a negative self judgment, creates self-doubt—and in certain situations, produces rebellion.

How Labeling Children Can Backfire

Let’s look at some of the common negative labels for an active, reactive Type 3 in my Energy Profiling System: rebellious, pushy, and bossy.

A Type 3’s nature is naturally swift and determined. They like to go big and they love the challenge of experiencing life and deciding what’s right for themselves, even when there’s risk involved. What a gift!

Labeling children who have such an active, swift nature as too pushy, or trying to shut down their energy will only make them feel frustrated and limited. They push back when they feel controlled.

Rebellion is a byproduct of frustration, not a natural problem inherent in the child.

Watch the video to find out what you can do to honor an active, reactive child, from toddler to teenager. And find out how honoring your child can actually help them feel more cooperative:

I hope this video has helped you reconsider some of your child’s (and your own!) negative labels. Leave a comment and share the labels you have experienced and want to let go of now.

And if you don’t yet know your child’s Energy Profile, discover it today! It’s one of the most important things you can know, so you can avoid labeling children in ways that don’t support their true natures.

Plus, learning your own Energy Profile will help you better understand your strengths and tendencies as a parent. Learn your true nature now!