Heal Your Heart… Make More Money?

Ever feel like your heart is hurt, broken, or wounded? Today, we’re going to open your heart to heal and receive more support from the world around you, including money.

An easy exercise to heal your heart

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22 Affirmations to Create Greater Abundance

The universe is unlimited in its abundance.

When we experience limitations to the abundance in our lives, it is because we have blocked or limited ourselves in some way through our beliefs.

Use the following affirmative statements (either out loud or as written reminders) to assist you in creating a more vibrant energy to naturally draw more abundance into your life. [Read more…]

17 Affirmations to Create Abundance Today

Your thoughts are always creating your reality. It’s up to you to be in charge of your thoughts and consciously create a reality that is fulfilling.

I’ve got 17 affirmations to help you create abundance and ease in every area of your life today!

Say them out loud as many times as you need to start to feel they’re true: [Read more…]

Use My Big Aha! to Manifest More Money

No matter how abundantly money manifests in your experience, the Aha! that came to me in today’s video will help you allow even more to show up.

The #1 block to manifesting more money

I’m so glad Laverne joined me today. When we got to the heart of what wasn’t working for her, I received a huge insight into how we don’t allow money to show up to support us.

Watch this video to learn the surprising key to allowing money and everything else in your life to show up and support you. It’s big!  Plus, get some financial tips for a Type 1 who’s in a relationship with a different Type in my Energy Profiling system… [Read more…]

3 Traps That Keep You From What You Want

Not manifesting what you want? You might be getting in your own way.

Allow more of what you want to show up! See if you fall into one of these 3 traps…

1. You have the “have-to-have-it” feeling.

Feeling like you have to manifest something is a sign that you’re afraid it won’t show up. Your fear gets in the way of your belief.

Let go of fear. Let go of your anxiety that it won’t happen. The less you worry, the easier you can allow. Take time every day to identify your dominant intentions, free of worrying about how and when they will show up for you. [Read more…]