If This Is Missing From Your Wallet…It Might be Missing From Your Life

Welcome to another Manifesting More Money Monday!

In this video, find out the big A-Ha that totally shifted me into carrying real cash with me.

Plus, I want you to see my wallet that’s true to my nature—and find out how much money is in there right now!

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Can Your Pocket Change Make You Rich?

Quick: do you know how much pocket change you have on you right now? Those quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies might be worth more than you think.

In this money game, find out how the coins in your pocket can help you change your beliefs around money and open up to more prosperity.

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Wish You Were Rich? Change This Response to Your Unexpected Expenses

Quick: what is your typical response to major bills or unexpected expenses in your life? Maybe an unexpected car repair or expensive medical bill?

Most people feel a mix of anxiety or anger. “Oh crap! How am I going to afford this?” or “Ugh, I could’ve used this money for something better!”

Next time something unexpected or inconvenient shows up that costs money, try responding with this empowering sentence instead.

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What Would You Do if I Gave You $1,000?

It’s time for you to have some fun with money.

Since many people live in a state of lack when it comes to finances, a lot of stress and anxiety can become attached to your experience with money.

To help you create more abundance and prosperity this year, I’m going to show you some fun games that you can do to open yourself up to more possibilities with money. [Read more…]

Manifest More Money in 4 Minutes a Day

Want to experience more money? It’s simple. And since it only takes a few minutes a day, it’s totally worth it.

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