Simple, Sensational Hairstyle! Dressing Your Truth Before and After

Has a hairstyle ever changed your life?

If you think that sounds silly, you won’t after today’s amazing Before and After.

Eliza is a bold, striking beauty in my Beauty Profiling program. As a Type 4, she looks great in a style that’s clean and structured, which she kind of has going on in her Before picture. Her hairstyle had simple lines, along with her clothes.

But look at what a new hairstyle can do! Eliza transformed her hair to reveal her gorgeous, striking features. And WOW! Can you even believe this is the same person?

Even without any extra accessories, she looks absolutely striking. In fact, her hairstyle itself becomes a fabulous accessory in her After picture. [Read more…]

How Being Upset Reveals Your True Nature

We want to clear up any confusion about how your dominant and secondary Energy Types express themselves when you’re upset.

Dominant or Secondary When You’re Upset?

We’ve heard some people say that when they get upset, their secondary Energy Type really comes out.

I’m 100% convinced that when we respond emotionally, we don’t have time to override our true nature. When something or someone really pushes your buttons, you respond with raw, authentic emotion. So your natural response when you’re upset expresses your dominant energy.

Recognizing your natural tendencies when you’re upset can help you manage them—or help you understand your Energy Type if you haven’t figured it out yet!

Let’s take a look at the emotional responses of the 4 Energy Types when they’re upset: [Read more…]

Can You Type These 7 Republican Presidential Candidates?

Have opinions about the Republican candidates for the American presidential nomination?

Whatever you think of them, Energy Profiling puts a fun and interesting twist on the campaigns and debates. When you know the Energy Type of the candidates, you can see so clearly why they talk and act the way they do.

We’ve identified the Energy Type of 7 Republican candidates that have shown up recently in the news:

  • Ron Paul
  • Michele Bachmann
  • Herman Cain
  • Mitt Romney
  • Jon Huntsman
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Rick Santorum

Can you guess their Energy Types before you watch the video?

Think of what each of the candidates are known for. What about them inspires their supporters?

All of their campaigns and messages are informed by the tendencies of their Energy Type. Who’s full of hopeful, new ideas? Who campaigns on swift, results-based solutions? Can you guess how the race is weighted with one particular Energy Type? [Read more…]

How 4 Key Strengths Can Help You Start Your Own Business

Have you always wanted to be your own boss?

You can.

We’ve heard people say that only one Energy Type in my Energy Profiling System makes a good entrepreneur. But you can be successful in business, even if your energy isn’t naturally swift and active, like a Type 3. How?

Honor your own natural tendencies instead of trying to have someone else’s.

[Read more…]

3 Things Getting in the Way of Your Successful Business

Are you a natural entrepreneur?

A new business needs active, determined energy to move it forward—an energy that comes naturally to an active, reactive Type 3 person in my Energy Profiling System.

Type 3’s are constantly moving forward, creating results, making things happen. So, they generally make good entrepreneurs. Their energy gets big things going, like new businesses.

But can that entrepreneurial energy backfire? [Read more…]