Make Money, Lose Weight, Be Happier Than Ever

Your money and your weight issues are connected. Most people feel they have TOO MUCH weight and NOT ENOUGH money.

Money, Weight, and Your True Nature

How often do you feel like you have too much weight and not enough money?

Your struggle with these issues has nothing to do with the number on the scale or the actual amount of money in your account. It’s all about what you believe and how you feel.

Your body and your bank account are just two ways that your life reflects the beliefs you have about yourself back to you.

If you’re experiencing frustration with your money or your weight, there’s something about yourself that you haven’t yet accepted and loved. When you understand and love your true nature, good things start showing up for you. [Read more…]

Your Fat Cells Are Listening!

woman's earWhat are your fat cells listening to?

I’ll tell you what my fat cells were listening to for 28 years of my life!

Does my story sound like your story?

Nearly every thought and feeling I had about my body from the time I was 15 was about how I was too fat!

I thought about it all the time. During high school, I created an eating disorder, gained a lot of weight and suddenly put my weight, body, and food issues between me and the rest of my life—every day of my life. [Read more…]

4 Steps to Start You On the Road to Easy Weight Loss

Ever seen weight loss as a struggle? You might be carrying around more than just extra pounds. What’s really keeping you from losing weight?

When I met today’s guest, Kathy, I noticed a habit I’ve seen in women everywhere who are uncomfortable about their size.

[Read more…]

Mini-Healing Session with Carol: Clearing the need to “hide” behind my weight!

Rene joins me for this week’s healing session to let me help her with her limiting beliefs that are causing her body to hang on to extra weight: the need to hide, family issues that need to stay hidden, and hiding behind the weight. Rene really opens up this energy to let her body get healthy. Watch and open your energy so you can get fit and healthy too! For more online video clearing sessions with me, go to

Top 23 affirmations to help you lose weight!

Your body’s natural design is to be fit and healthy.  These affirmations will open up your body’s ability to achieve this state with less effort. Watch the Free video and then refer to the affirmations below for more help with using this tip.

The following are some of my clients’ favorite affirmations that can be used to empower your body.  To give even more power to these statements, tap on your solar plexus while you repeat them in your thoughts or out loud: [Read more…]