Which of These Filled Your Bucket the Most in 2014?

We all carry around an invisible bucket.

Negative words, energy and experiences empty your bucket. Positive words, energy and experiences fill your bucket.

Everything we consume—media, information, food, and thoughts, for example—has the potential to fill our bucket or empty it.

My goal here on the blog is to fill your bucket each week with positive insights and tools to support you in living your truth.

Now that 2015 is almost here, it’s time for a little “year in review.”

As my readers, YOU are the ones who made these posts popular based on which ones you read the most, commented on, liked, and shared on social media!

So, which of these top 20 Carol Blog posts in 2014 filled your bucket the most this year?

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5 Lessons I’m Taking With Me Into 2015

The end of December is a natural time for us to reflect on our experiences during the past year and look ahead to the next.

For me, I have 3 special occasions that prompt me to look back and look ahead.

My birthday is December 26, the day after an important holiday in my life—Christmas—and it just precedes the New Year!

It has been my practice for several years now to take time around my birthday to reflect on the lessons I have learned in the previous year and to see them as gifts of learning to take with me in to the year ahead!

I am grateful for the these 5 gifts of learning that have blessed my life in 2014:

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Her Simple Changes Are Simply Stunning! – Dressing Your Truth Makeover

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the choices presented by the fashion world?

When you don’t know what you’re looking for, the world of fashion can be quite intimidating!

Once Christina discovered her unique Type of beauty . . . shopping became a breeze! Check out Christina’s Dressing Your Truth Before & After to see the simple changes that turned her look from softened to striking!

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14 Things to Let Go of To Be Happy in 2014

Want 2014 to be your best year yet?

You just need to give yourself permission to let go of the things that aren’t supporting you.

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Find Out What Exciting Changes are Coming for You in 2014!

Can you believe that 2014 is just a few weeks away?

At the end of a year, it’s natural to look back and reflect.

It’s also a time to celebrate our successes together!

Watch the video to find out how to do that AND so you can set yourself up to make 2014 even better!

Plus, get a sneak peak of the exciting changes I’m making for you in 2014!

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