How to Handle Adult Sibling Rivalry—And Stop the Tug-of-War Over Money

Think that sibling rivalry should be a thing of your past just because you and your siblings are now adults?

If only that were true.

Sibling rivalry and family division can show up at any stage of life.

It can be especially triggered when the issue of an inheritance comes up after a parent dies.

And when this sibling conflict comes up in adulthood, that’s actually a good sign that those deeper childhood issues are ready to be dealt with.

Find out how you can start to clear these painful issues from your own life so you can handle the conflict with more grace and ease—and plant the seeds for family unity…even when it may seem impossible.

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How to Charge What You’re Really Worth (Even If It Freaks You Out)

Are you making the kind of money you want to make right now in your job?

(Really, get honest with yourself here.)

If the answer is “No” and you find yourself barely breaking even, here’s one thing you can do in the next 10 minutes to start making more money—and get paid what you’re really worth.

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This Reaction Might Be Keeping You From Having More Money

If this brand new Mercedes showed up in your driveway tomorrow, how would you react?

You’d probably be grateful, right?! I know I’d sure appreciate it!

Now, what if that same new car showed up in your neighbor’s driveway instead.

How would you feel then? (Be honest.)

I used to inwardly resent others for having more money and nicer things, because I didn’t have them (and at a deeper level, I believed I couldn’t have them).

But then I learned a profound spiritual lesson that helped me change all that…

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Do You Manage Money True to Your Energy Type?

When it comes to managing your money, are you more hands on or off? Spender or a saver? Budget maker or an impulse buyer?

Hear my 4 Types Beauty Panel discuss this universal money topic (plus, a fun fashion topic, too).

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How to End Compulsive Spending (Without Feeling Restricted)

When compulsive spending issues start to control your life, it’s a signal that your relationship with money needs some attention.

There can be many different core motivations for compulsive spending.In fact, the real issue isn’t even about money. Because binge spending is like binge eating—there’s always an emotional drive behind it.

Find out how you can create a healthy pattern with spending and why giving yourself an ultimatum to “stop spending” only makes the problem continue.

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