5 Tips to Create a Job When You’re Unemployed or Underemployed

Have you been searching for a job? Or maybe longing for a better job?

Most adults will devote 40 years or more of their lifetime working—so it’s worth finding something you enjoy!

If you’ve been unable to find a fulfilling career, get the promotion you want, or even land a job for now to make ends meet, consider these 5 tips to create what you want—without even lifting a finger for it yet.

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Deepak Chopra, My Minivan and How to Create an Affluent Mindset

For several years when my children were young, any time our family minivan left the house, Deepak Chopra was in it.

You see, in the mid-1990s my husband and I reached a point when we had $45,000 in credit card debt, along with other debts, and had no income.

We knew we wanted to experience the opposite of lack and struggle with money (think affluence, abundance, wealth), but we also knew we had to change our mindset first if we really wanted to experience lasting change.

And that’s when car trips in our family minivan began to get a whole lot more interesting!

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Declare Your Independence From Family Patterns Of Lack & Struggle With Money


That’s how much my husband Jon and I owed in credit card debt 20 years ago. We had no income at the time.

That year, 1994, was a low point in our financial lives as a couple.

But it was also that same year that we got serious about changing our dysfunctional patterns with money.

To do that, we had to look back at our family’s patterns with money.

And we were both surprised by what we found out!

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7 Steps to Making Your Vacation Happen—Even If You Don’t Have the Money (Yet)

Where is your dream vacation destination? Are you making plans to go…or is it still just a dream?

So far, I’ve traveled to 31 countries. But I had to start somewhere. Earlier in my life I realized I had to stop saying “I’ll go there someday.”

Now I love the excitement of visiting new places and checking them off my list!

So here are my 7 tips to support you in creating more travel opportunities in your life…even before you have the money saved up!

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How to Handle Adult Sibling Rivalry—And Stop the Tug-of-War Over Money

Think that sibling rivalry should be a thing of your past just because you and your siblings are now adults?

If only that were true.

Sibling rivalry and family division can show up at any stage of life.

It can be especially triggered when the issue of an inheritance comes up after a parent dies.

And when this sibling conflict comes up in adulthood, that’s actually a good sign that those deeper childhood issues are ready to be dealt with.

Find out how you can start to clear these painful issues from your own life so you can handle the conflict with more grace and ease—and plant the seeds for family unity…even when it may seem impossible.

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