Carol launches new show to help you become a better parent!

I am excited to announce my new monthly show to help moms all around the world become better parents! (Dad’s too of course it’s just that the show is hosted by MomTV!)

My “Living Your Truth with Carol Tuttle for Moms” will being airing every month starting with our inaugural show on Thursday, October 21st from 1-2pm MT. We decided to try an afternoon time slot as that is a time a lot of moms are home and can turn on their computer to tune in to the show while getting other things done around the house.

Every month I will feature a panel of different Types of moms at different stages of mothering as we take on fun and difficult topics. The show will be centered around my Energy Profiling system and how to use this profound resource to better understand your true nature as a mom and the true nature of your children.

Our first show will highlight the topic: “Do You Have a Problem Child?” I have invited 4 different Types of moms to join this month’s panel to talk about the turn around that they have experienced with a so-called “problem child” only to discover that maybe the problem wasn’t the child!

What you will learn from watching my show will be information that you can put to use immediately in your life. I am all about making a difference by teaching principles and techniques that create lasting results in people’s lives.

To watch my show live just click here.

The show will also be recorded and you can click on the same link to watch the recording of the show!