This Before & After Nearly Brought Me to Tears [Video]

Trying to be someone you’re not is exhausting! Aimee can tell you that better than anyone.

She shared her Dressing Your Truth journey with me and it nearly brought me to tears!

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable in your own shoes, this Before & After Video is for you.

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In 1 Week, This Makeover Video Got Over 14 Million Views! Here’s why.

In 1 week, this makeover video got over 14 million views on YouTube!

And if you’re one of the millions who saw it, you know how amazing it is.

But consider with me for a second why it was popular.

It goes beyond the generosity of a charity giving a homeless veteran a makeover.

It think it hit a chord with us because speaks to one of our truest desires as human beings…

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“My Jaw Dropped at Her Real Age!” – Before & After Video

Is it possible to get older without looking old?

Definitely! Especially when you’re Dressing Your Truth.

And no one proves that better than Pam. Seriously, my jaw dropped when I found out her real age! Watch this Before & After video and hear her story…

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The Best Part of This Makeover Is What You Don’t See

You might think that when it comes to Before & Afters that what you see is what you get.

But the most important part of this Dressing Your Truth makeover is actually what you DON’T see!

See if you can notice it too…

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Now We See Her Warmth! – Dressing Your Truth Before & After

Do you know what kind of message your look says about you?

You might be a naturally warm person, yet unknowing giving off a cold shoulder vibe—simply because of the message your says about you.

Rachel’s Before and After shows how quickly Dressing Your Truth can help you express your natural warmth—just by tuning into your true Type of beauty.

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