Let’s Talk About Love & Romance…True to Our Energy Types!

Let’s be honest about romance:

I bet you and your significant other differ on what makes the perfect romantic evening.

That’s fine, of course. But when it comes to romantic days (like anniversaries or Valentine’s), different expectations can cause some real friction. Feelings can get hurt.

So for February, the month of love, the 4 Types Beauty Panel is talking about how knowing your partner’s Energy Type really allows you to create awesome romantic experiences that you both enjoy.

Plus, each of us shares our favorite article of clothing from when we first started dressing our truth!

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Watch This Family’s Amazing Story One Year After the Sandy Hook Shooting

Last year at this time, I was deeply saddened.

I’m sure you were, too.

It’s been one year since that tragic December day in Newtown, Connecticut when 20 young children and six adults died at Sandy Hook Elementary School at the hands of a 20-year-old shooter.

But this short video from a mother whose 6-year-old daughter died that day will give you hope!

And wait until the end to hear how she answers the question, “Where was your God when this happened?”

It blew me away.

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Did Your Mother’s Emotions Imprint This to You at Birth?

When you were born, you came into this world with a physical body—and an energetic imprint.

And until you learn how to clear the negative messages and emotional pain encoded in that imprint, it may continue to destroy your hope and your ability to enjoy your life in all its fullness.

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How to Fall in Love With Your Spouse Again – Week 4

All romantic relationships need some refining from time to time. If you’re used to showing or experiencing love in just one way, sometimes it can begin to feel stale.

Give yourselves permission to break out of the box and experiment with the different energies of love. Here are some suggestions to refine your date night experiences—and perfect your relationship with your spouse!

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How to Fall in Love with Your Spouse Again – Week 3

How would you like to bring back the fire in your relationship? A great way to do that is to get moving together—and even engage in some healthy competition. As a result, you just might fall in love with a new side of your spouse!

You don’t have to be a Type 3 to enjoy these active experiences. But as a Type 3, here are some of my favorite dates that I really enjoy with my husband Jon.

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