1 Minute to More Money

Did you grow up believing or hearing any of these beliefs about money?

There’s never enough. Money is bad. We can’t afford it.

Ugh. Even just thinking these can make us feel powerless and poor.

But here’s the good news: you can clear these limited beliefs! And it only takes 1 minute a day.

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4 Warning Signs That Guilt is Dragging You Down

warning-signGuilt can be useful. In proper balance, it can alert you to make a change in your life.

But a lot of people carry excessive guilt that drags them down and makes them question their worth.

Is guilt dragging you down? Find out with these 4 warning signs… [Read more…]

How to REALLY Say No – 6 Vital Tips for People Pleasers

Do you feel drained at the end of every day, do you put other people first, or wish you could get away from all the demands put on you?

It’s time to leave the ranks of the people pleasers.

You’ll find plenty of advice that tell you to say, “No.” But I believe you need to assess and clear some core issues to ever be able to say it effectively. Try these tips: [Read more…]

Guided Visualization for More Money

More money won’t make you a better parent. But an abundant mindset will.

As an abundance-minded parent, you can use the resource of money to create important experiences and opportunities for your children.

What parent wouldn’t love to do that?

This 30-minute guided visualization will help open your heart chakra to attract more money and support. [Read more…]

How to Create Perfect Vacations…Before You Even Leave Home

Ever wonder why some people seem to have amazing experiences on vacation? Or have you ever returned from a stressful vacation thinking “I need a vacation!”?

In the video I’m joined by my son Chris and his wife Sarah, who share their top secrets with you for how they create perfect vacations every time they travel.

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