How I Am Defying The Aging Process By Challenging This Common Belief

There’s a common belief that as women age, age takes its toll on your appearance and you can’t help but look older.

Find out how I’m personally defying that notion—and how you can too, by honoring your beauty sixth sense.

Plus, see a photo of me from about 25 years ago!

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Ready To Move Your Style in a New Direction? Check Out This Before & After.

Are you afraid that giving time to enhancing your beauty may feel superficial?

Some women are hesitant to dress in a way that would express their true beauty in fear of drawing too much attention to themselves. As a result, these women subconsciously tone down their style so as to “soften” their dynamic nature!

Check out how Dressing Your Truth moved Kara to embrace her spicy look–the result is amazing!

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Is This Subconscious Time Management Tendency Causing You to Be More Rushed?

Does this sound like you?

From the moment you get up in the morning you’re pushing forward, checking things off your list (maybe in your head) and continually moving to get things done on your schedule? By the end of the day, you crash.

If you can relate, watch this video to find out what subconscious tendency may be driving your naturally busy lifestyle.

Plus, find out the one thing I do everyday to balance my busy movement.

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Ask Carol: “Why Do You Always Start with TYPE 1 Energy?”

I received a great question from a reader who recently asked me:

Why do you always start with TYPE 1SM Energy?”

As a TYPE 4SM woman, she wondered if we could do the TYPE 4 video first sometime, because whenever we do a new blog series about the 4 Energy Types (such as different Communication styles or the Relationship series), she has to be patient longer to see the new post for her Energy Type.

I’m grateful for her question (and she’s not the first to ask it), because it gives me a great opportunity to explain the “Why” behind this.

Plus, find out what happened the time we reversed the order and did not start with TYPE 1 Energy!

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The Real History of Dressing Your Truth (Details You Might Not Know)

It’s October and that means a special anniversary for Dressing Your Truth!

Nine years ago this month I hosted my first ever Dressing Your Truth live event in 2004.

Find out how Dressing Your Truth originally got started and the changes it’s gone through along the way to support women.

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