How To Let Go of That Nagging Feeling You’re Going To Get In Trouble

Ever have a constant nagging feeling that one your choices or decisions will get you into trouble? (Even though you can’t put your finger on why.)

Do you live with the annoying thought that one of these days you’ll be “caught” or “found out” and things are just going to come crashing down and you’ll be exposed? (Yet you logically know you’re not doing anything wrong?)

You might even be exhausted from subconsciously trying to prevent trouble from happening—without even knowing it.

But here’s the deal: the more you try to prevent it, the more you’ll experience it!

Instead, let me teach you a better way to heal this—so you can experience your life with more ease and freedom!

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How to Balance Your Intuition and Analytical Mind

Do you ever get a sense of clarity or peace in a moment, only to erase it by analyzing it to pieces?

In this video, learn how people who express TYPE 4 Energy often experience their intuition and still honoring their analytical mind in the process.

So how do you draw on the best of both your intuitive and analytical gifts, without overanalyzing or over-thinking things? Read on.

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How to Listen to Your Intuition to Know What to Do

Whether you use it regularly or not, your intuition is a sort of inner compass to help guide you.

But not everyone experiences their intuition in the same way.

Find out how people who express TYPE 3 Energy experience their intuitive gifts.

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How to Tune Into Your Heart to Improve Your Intuition

Anyone can strengthen their intuition by simply learning how to tune into their natural gifts.

Find out how tuning into your heart can help you improve your intuition—especially if you’re a TYPE 2 person in the Energy Profiling system.

Also, see how your intuition is designed to support you in every day situations—not just major life decisions.

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Improve Your Intuition…By Changing How You Dress?

Every person experiences their intuition to some degree, and in different ways.

Naturally, your primary Energy Type—your true nature—can and does influence how you experience your intuitive gifts.

In this first segment, find out how people with TYPE 1SM Energy often experience their intuition.

And can doing something as simple as changing what you wear boost your intuitive gifts? Find out in the video.

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