Let’s Talk About Love & Romance…True to Our Energy Types!

Let’s be honest about romance:

I bet you and your significant other differ on what makes the perfect romantic evening.

That’s fine, of course. But when it comes to romantic days (like anniversaries or Valentine’s), different expectations can cause some real friction. Feelings can get hurt.

So for February, the month of love, the 4 Types Beauty Panel is talking about how knowing your partner’s Energy Type really allows you to create awesome romantic experiences that you both enjoy.

Plus, each of us shares our favorite article of clothing from when we first started dressing our truth!

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Still Single? This Could Be the Reason Why.

Whenever I meet single adults to discuss relationship issues, I ask a direct question: “Do you want to be married?”

In this mini-healing session, when I asked Tyson this question, he hesitated and couldn’t reply with certainty.

Find out the limiting beliefs and underlying resistance Tyson and many singles have toward getting married and starting a family.

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Her Husband Loves It! – Dressing Your Truth Before & After (w/ Video)

This is one Dressing Your Truth “After” video that you definitely don’t want to miss! And if you’re married, go get your husband to watch it with you you.

See Adhis’s amazing Before & After and then hear her (and her husband’s) Dressing Your Truth journey—how dressing true to her Energy Type has changed her life, her business…and her marriage!

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Husband Alert! The Shocking Truth Behind His Resistance to Dressing Your Truth

Does any of this describe you? You’re enjoying the freedom Dressing Your Truth gives you to express your Type of beauty. And you’d like want to get your resistant husband or partner to get into too…or at least support your interest in it.

You get it and love it. So why does he continue to resist it? Here’s why:

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The Quickest, Easiest Way to Make Your Wife Happy

Before you can make your wife happy, there’s something you need to know about her…

It is REALLY important to your wife that you’re truly listening and paying attention to her when you say you are.

Sounds easy enough, right? But there’s a catch:

Your wife knows when you are really paying attention and when you are not.

You might look like you’re listening. You might act like you’re listening. But your wife intuitively knows if you’re tuning her out!

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