“Why Did My Husband Leave Me?” – The Hidden Dynamics Behind Infidelity

It’s a question every woman asks herself when the man she loves chooses to leave her—or left her for another woman.


On top of all the emotional pain, hurt and confusion a woman feels, she still wants to know:

“Why did my husband leave me?”

Someone presented this question to me recently, so I’ll explain what I see as the underlying beliefs—the energetic patterns—that can create these unfortunate scenario of infidelity.

So whether you know a woman who has experienced a broken relationship—or you’ve been that woman—my goal in this video is to share the insight you need to heal…and then create a different experience.

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What This Married Couple Can Teach You About Your Communication Struggles

Are you at your wits end trying to communicate effectively with your spouse?

You’re not alone. There is no such thing as a marriage that runs on auto-pilot.

In any relationship, you will create experiences that will challenge you emotionally and may cause you to question the stability of your union.

But in all my years of helping women and men heal their communication struggles, the foundation of your relationship—which is your love for one another—usually isn’t the problem.

The problem is not knowing the why behind your different communication styles.

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Two Years After His Stroke, Here’s What My Husband Did To Recover

Have you faced a serious health wake up call at some point?

Or maybe help a loved one recover from one?

I know what it’s like when you’re totally out of control and not sure what’s going to happen to them or what the outcome is going to be.

Two years ago, my husband Jonathan had a serious stroke.

He was a pretty healthy man at the time (or so we thought) so it seemed to come out of nowhere.

My husband’s stroke taught us a lot and it was a wake up call to him to make some changes in his life.

He’s made an amazing recovery! So I invited Jon to share with you an update on his progress.

Find out how the stroke changed him and the actions he took to support himself both physically and emotionally to recover it.

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Let’s Talk About Love & Romance…True to Our Energy Types!

Let’s be honest about romance:

I bet you and your significant other differ on what makes the perfect romantic evening.

That’s fine, of course. But when it comes to romantic days (like anniversaries or Valentine’s), different expectations can cause some real friction. Feelings can get hurt.

So for February, the month of love, the 4 Types Beauty Panel is talking about how knowing your partner’s Energy Type really allows you to create awesome romantic experiences that you both enjoy.

Plus, each of us shares our favorite article of clothing from when we first started dressing our truth!

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Still Single? This Could Be the Reason Why.

Whenever I meet single adults to discuss relationship issues, I ask a direct question: “Do you want to be married?”

In this mini-healing session, when I asked Tyson this question, he hesitated and couldn’t reply with certainty.

Find out the limiting beliefs and underlying resistance Tyson and many singles have toward getting married and starting a family.

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