How to Tame Your Unruly Bedtime Habits and Get the Sleep You Need

What is your ideal bedtime?

OK, now be honest: What time do you usually get to sleep?

If you’re one of those people who gets to bed on time every night and falls asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, well…then this post is not for you. (But please share your secrets with us below! We’d really like to know what YOU are doing.)

But for the rest of us who have trouble getting to bed and falling asleep at a decent hour, check out this video.

Whether you have an issue with procrastinating your own bedtimestaying up late and feeling exhausted during the day, I’ll share several great tips on how to change this pattern and give your body the sleep it needs to be healthy!

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Could This 4-Letter Word Help You Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Eat Healthier?

Do you dream of getting healthier?

Did you set a New Year’s intention to lose weight?

Do you even get excited when you visualize the way you’ll look and all the things you can do with a healthy, fit body?

Yet you wonder how in all of your intentions, visualizations and dreams, you can’t seem to get there. Because when it comes to actually taking the time to exercise or make healthy meals, you simply have no motivation?

And this might seem like the cruelest part of all: You may even desperately want (or need) to change—but you seem to have absolutely no energy or inspiration to make any lasting changes to your habits.

After years of helping women (and having been on my own journey with my health and weight), I can confidently tell you that most people miss this one key thing.

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How to Reach a Healthy Weight This Year By Resetting Your Appetite

Did you set a goal to reach a healthy weight this year?

Maybe set new years resolution to make some changes and get in shape?

Yeah, I used to do that, too.

But then I decided to do this new practice that supports my body in maintaining a healthy weight…and also checking in to see what’s really creating my appetite.

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5 Self-Care Tips for Parents When Your Child is Diagnosed with a Serious Illness

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: your young child diagnosed with cancer.

As a mom, I know that our immediate response as parents is to do everything in our power to help them. To just forget about ourselves and focus on helping our child.

But if your own self-care goes out the window, too, you’re only going to make things worse for everyone. Instead, hear these tips on how to take care of yourself during challenging life circumstances, so you can be there to help others, too.

Plus, find out why bellydancing is a good idea for this mom, to help herself, her child and her marriage?

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Improve Your Health By Changing This One Belief About Stress

Feeling stressed lately?

New research shows that stress might actually be a good thing for you!

How? Watch this excellent TEDtalk from a Health Psychologist and find out the one thing you can to not be stressed out by stress—and how to actually make stress your friend.

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