This Spreads Even Faster Than Ebola. How to Avoid Being Infected.

News about the Ebola virus seems to be all over the airwaves—and even in children’s classrooms.

A woman recently told me she  saw a flier at her son’s school that said “How to know if it’s Ebola.”

But something worse is spreading here than the Ebola virus.

And that is the collective energy of fear that surrounds this conversation.

While Ebola is a crisis in some parts of the world, I recognize that we are more apt to be infected by the “energy of fear” about the crisis, more than we are potentially vulnerable to the virus itself.

The good news is you have the ability to avoid this fear trap!

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How to Overcome Your Resistance to Exercise

Do you keep telling yourself you need to start exercising or you need to work out more?

Do you feel guilty for not exercising?

Do you envy your friends who seem to do this effortlessly?

Do you find exercising to be a chore? Something you don’t want to do, but should do?

To help you identify why you resist exercising, finish this next sentence 5–10 times:

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3 Primary Reasons Why We Become (or Stay) Overweight

If you are overweight (as I once was), you can become obsessed with food, losing weight and that number on the scale.

But it’s almost impossible to get fit until you consider the underlying factors that are creating your body to become (or stay) overweight, because putting on weight isn’t just something that “happens” to us.

It often follows certain beliefs that we can so easily believe.

In this video, consider which of these 3 reasons may be true for you. (And find out which 2 of the 3 I dealt with.)

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Why Your Brain Won’t Let You Lose Weight (And What To Do Instead)

Do you get stressed out over deciding what to eat?

Do you struggle with controlling your appetite?

Sandra Aamodt is a neuroscientist who’s cracked the code on why diets don’t work—and you can blame it all on brain science!

I had to share this Ted Talk video with you because what she shares is working for me, too!

Find out how to work more with your body and your brain so you can stop worrying about your weight and actually enjoy food again!

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“I Thought I Might Lose My Legs” – My Back Pain Story (Part 1 of 3)

They say pain is a great teacher. And wow, have I learned a lot this year!

For those of you who experience chronic pain, I can now empathize with you in a way I never could before this year.

Back in January, I started to experience serious pain…in my feet. Numbness and tingling weren’t far behind.

So what does all that have to do with my back?

Watch this video and hear part 1 of my story.

Find out what I was inspired to do to heal my back instead of rushing off to a traditional doctor.

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