Hair Color Can Change Everything: Before and After

When is the last time you colored your hair? How did you decide on hair color ideas? 

If you chose a hair color that didn’t support your natural beauty, your hairstyle may not have highlighted the real you!

Today’s Dressing Your Truth Before and After shows the way that choosing the right hair color makes a big difference in bringing out your natural beauty.

It’s common for women to choose a hair color contrary to their true nature. For example, we have found that soft, subtle women in my Beauty Profiling system often try to “brighten” their color, hoping to bring more life to their look. 

Unfortunately, the exact opposite happens! When these women use blonde hair colors that don’t honor their natural beauty, we no longer see the woman… We just see her bright hair!

Do you see the difference in the two types of blonde hair color in this before and after? This beautiful woman chose a softer tone to honor her more gentle quality of beauty—and we can see her now! Isn’t she just beautiful?

What do you think of her makeover?  Please share your positive comments. [Read more…]