Win This 7-Piece Makeup Kit – Dressing Your Truth April Giveaway

April is a great time for spring cleaning just about anything. Including your makeup! Freshen up your look with some new colors.

This month we’re giving away a 7-piece Beauty Basics Makeup kit. One lucky winner will get to choose the colors she wants to take home. Enter today!

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Dressing Your Truth Before and After- From a Man's T-shirt to Elegance and Ruffles!

Why do so many women resort to t-shirts and jeans for their casual attire?  Yes, it may be comfy, but is it honoring your true feminine nature?  I think women resort to these choices for one simple reason – the current fashion system is way too complicated to figure out!  It does not honor us as women, it honors the clothes!  So, I don’t blame you if you have resorted to t-shirts and jeans!  I understand.

But, I do want to help, because I know what wearing a  man’s t-shirt and a pair of jeans day in and day out does to a woman’s sense of self.  It beats us up, it makes us feel fat and frumpy, it causes us to lose touch with our feminine nature.  We lose ourselves over time, and our confidence as women   Yes, clothes can do all of that to us!

I love this before and after because I think it shows the power of Dressing Your Truth and how it connects us with our feminine nature which in this woman’s case is elegant, soft, nurturing, loving and generous  Doesn’t she look elegant and soft? Alive in her loveliness?  I love it!

Dressing Your Truth is designed to honor the various Types of beauty we have as women.  It starts with learning your Type in our Beauty Profiling system.

When you learn your Beauty Profile and then how to Dress Your Truth with a Dressing Your Truth Club Membership, putting together a fashion style that honors YOU is easy! No more trying to make yourself fit into fashion, you rule the fashion and beauty world and it WORKS FOR YOU!

The Dressing Your Truth 1-Year Anniversary Party is TONIGHT!

Today marks our 1-year Anniversary that Dressing Your Truth was launched to the women of the world through the internet.  Join us tonight for our 1-year Anniversary Party.  Learn from this video what is on SALE at the Dressing Your Truth website, what’s happening TONIGHT at our Anniversary Party that you can attend right here online, more details of our BIG Giveaway, and what my secret passion really is!