Turn Back The Clock…20 Years! – Dressing Your Truth Makeover

Do you have a bold personality?

If so, do you like to wear bold colors that complement your personality? Or have you noticed that you use clothes to tame your appearance?

Take a look at how June changed her look to fit her striking personality in Dressing Your Truth makeover. . . and took 20 years off her face!

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Honoring Her Beauty Sixth Sense – Dressing Your Truth Makeover

Every woman has an innate gift: her beauty sixth sense. However, when we are so focused on obeying the styles and trends of the fashion world, we are not able to cultivate this gift.

In this Before & After, see what Debbie understood about her nature instinctively, and how Dressing Your Truth has given her the tools to develop her beauty sixth sense.

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Who Wore it Best? See Carol & Sheryl in the Same Outfit.

Have you been aging yourself prematurely?

You might be, if you’ve been following society’s typical beauty DOs and DON’Ts and wearing an outfit that ages you.

Too many of us have followed popular “beauty advice” above our own instincts (what I call your “beauty sixth sense”). And as a result, women look older and develop a poorer self-image.

Honestly, I was flabbergasted at how quickly I fell back into labeling myself negatively in this video. Watch and see for yourself…

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Hello Hotness! – Dressing Your Truth Before & After

It’s not uncommon for me to meet other active women who have skimped on their own appearance before Dressing Your Truth. That’s because their fast-paced lifestyle and practical nature sometimes misguide them from taking care of themselves.

Unfortunately as a result, many naturally gorgeous TYPE 3SM women are missing out on seeing the potential of their own rich, dynamic beauty!

But that’s not the case anymore for Jennifer. See how quickly she went from looking drab to hot!

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See Michelle Dressed in All 4 Types of Beauty – Dressing Your Truth Challenge #5

As we’ve learned, this kind of Dressing Your Truth challenge is definitely not for the faint of heart!

You might think: “But it’s just changing clothes, accessories, makeup and hair—so it must be like playing dress up, right?

Oh, but it’s not! Watch the video below you’ll see why.

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