10 Things The Beauty Panel Reveals in This Episode May Surprise You!

You may not notice it right away, but some of us have dressed a bit differently from our typical styles in this episode.

Find out why in the video.

Plus, you’ll hear 10 things you’ve probably never heard us say until now!

(Bonus: By the end, I guarantee you’ll feel more appreciation for who you are and for the other Types of people in your life, too!)

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In 47 Minutes, These 6 Women Will Inspire You and Change the Way You Think About Getting Older

Those of you who read my blog regularly and know me, know that I can’t help but share things with you that I love.

So after I watched this incredible film—about 6 remarkable and stylish women with an average age of 80!—I just had to share it with you all!

I loved this because I could see myself in these women. And I think maybe you will, too.

You’ll be inspired and uplifted by their fascinating stories, their active lifestyles and their insightful take on the aging process.

While they may be aging, they are anything but old ladies!

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New Mystery Woman Takes on the 4 Types Challenge!

In previous episodes of the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Challenge, only the Dressing Your Truth Beauty Experts participated, trying on outfits of all 4 Types of Beauty and sharing their experience.

This time around, someone new is brave enough to take on the 4 Types Challenge!

But there’s a catch: She won’t reveal her Type of beauty to you until the end…

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Ready To Move Your Style in a New Direction? Check Out This Before & After.

Are you afraid that giving time to enhancing your beauty may feel superficial?

Some women are hesitant to dress in a way that would express their true beauty in fear of drawing too much attention to themselves. As a result, these women subconsciously tone down their style so as to “soften” their dynamic nature!

Check out how Dressing Your Truth moved Kara to embrace her spicy look–the result is amazing!

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Jaleah Takes On the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Challenge!

Are you ready for our 7th episode of the Dressing Your Truth 4 Types Challenge?

It’s Jaleah’s turn to join in the fun!

Cheer her on as she tries on an outfit for each Type of beauty!

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