How to Wrap Gifts For Every Type of Person On Your List

When you give a gift for someone, you probably think about giving them something that’s true to their nature, something they would like, right?

Well, have you ever thought that how you wrap that gift can also be part of the experience, too?

There are many ways to wrap a gift, so these person-centered tips could help choose the gift-wrapping style that is perfect for every person on your list.

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How This Girl Who Would Not Be Silenced Can Inspire Your Own Voice

I’ve been so inspired by this young woman’s courageous voice. If you’ve seen her, I’m sure you’ve probably been amazed by her, too.

Malala, the the 16-year-old Pakistani girl who spoke up for education and was shot by the Taliban, is the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

And she’s already become an inspiring leader for this next generation.

Hear Malala’s story and how she shows us a remarkable type of courage—which can even inspire your own voice! (Plus, find out why her Energy Type makes her actions even more remarkable).

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Have You Been Making These Mistakes With Your Emotions?

Where in your life have you experienced unexpected life traumas or disappointments?

These kinds of challenges stir up all kinds of big emotions.

But let’s be honest—previous generations haven’t really modeled how to experience our emotions in healthy ways. Instead all that pent up emotional energy has been stored up and shut down.

Find out if you’ve been making these same mistakes with your emotions—and how you can start to regain your emotional health.

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How to Balance Your Intuition and Analytical Mind

Do you ever get a sense of clarity or peace in a moment, only to erase it by analyzing it to pieces?

In this video, learn how people who express TYPE 4 Energy often experience their intuition and still honoring their analytical mind in the process.

So how do you draw on the best of both your intuitive and analytical gifts, without overanalyzing or over-thinking things? Read on.

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Find Out This Man’s Honest Opinion About Dressing Your Truth for Men

What do your man-cave and the Sistine Chapel have to do with Dressing Your Truth for Men?

Leave it to this deep-thinking TYPE 4 man to make a keen analysis.

Plus, get his honest opinion of Dressing Your Truth for Men after experiencing it and understanding it for himself.

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