100% Pain Free in Just 5 Months? – Hear Joy’s Healing Session Update!

A few months ago, Joy came to me for help in healing life-long emotional pain and feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy that were also manifesting through chronic physical pain.

Now, just 5 months later, after we zeroed in on clearing her core issues, Joy returned to share with you the amazing results she’s experienced! Including being 100% pain free!

Watch the video and find out how you, too, can experience this kind of positive transformation!

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Why Your TYPE 3 Energy Needs These 2 Chakras to Work Together

I’m going to let you in on a little behind-the-scenes fact. When we record videos here for the blog, we almost always do each one in just one take.

But this particular chakras video was quite personal for me—so it took me several takes to put together! (To find out why, watch the video below.)

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Pay Attention to These 2 Chakras If You Express TYPE 2 Energy

Of your 7 primary chakras, do you know which ones are strong or weak right now?

Find out which chakras are typically strongest and weakest in people who express TYPE 2 Energy.

Plus, get tips on how to get these chakras working in harmony and balance to improve your life and health.

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Are These Chakras Working Right for Your Energy Type?

OK, this is a first for me! Until now, I’ve never discussed this angle:

        How are the 4 Energy Types and the 7 chakras connected?

Learn how 7 chakras work together to support you. Plus, find out which chakras are naturally strong or weak for a TYPE 1 person.

(Don’t worry, I’ll cover the other Energy Types in the next few weeks.)

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Are You Ready for Me to Be Direct About Your Personal Trauma?

Each one of us is meant to experience life on this planet with all its fullness, joy and abundance.

But what happens when the story of your life—especially your early years—is marked by trauma and your instinct is survival?

Here’s one thing you need to do to get out of the trap of merely surviving to actually thriving.

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